De Browne: Unsympathy for Liverpools 97 runners-up points proves that we are better.

 De Browne: Unsympathy for Liverpools 97 runners-up points proves that we are better.

De Browne said, sympathy for Liverpool? No They did achieve remarkable results, but that means we are better than them in the end. I dont feel sorry for them because I dont think they will feel sorry for us either. I dont think anybody will feel sorry for the way we were eliminated from the Champions League. In Manchester Citys Champions League quarter-finals against Spurs, Sterling scored a goal in stoppage time, but was ruled out by VAR as an offside goal, resulting in Manchester City being eliminated.

De Browne went on to say, I know how Liverpool feel, because it really disappoints you. If this happens to us, we will feel the same. But we are competitors and we want to win as much as possible, but I can understand how they feel. Manchester City were seven points behind Liverpool this season, but they managed to keep up and finally defend the Premier League title.

In Januarys Carling Cup match, Manchester City beat League A team Burton 9-0 at home and De Browne scored the first goal. He was replaced in the 58th minute and returned directly to the dressing room. Guardiola knows Im disappointed and I shouldnt leave directly, but sometimes it happens, De Browne explained. At that time I thought I had played a good game and was 5-0 ahead. At that moment, I thought,I need time to play, Im still very important. De Browne also admitted that he was criticized by Coach Guardiola.

De Browne also said, Football is a passionate sport, wins will be happy, loses will be sad, this is the emotion it brings. Thats why I dont like new technologies like VAR, because in my opinion it will make players more like robots. Of course, as a player, every emotion will be reported, so you have to try to control yourself.

Its certainly not the best season, but on the other hand I dont complain. Ive played professional football for 10 or 11 years and I havent suffered too many injuries. Ive played nearly 500 games in my career and Ive played a lot. FA Cup Final? If I scored 10 goals at Wembley, I would be very happy. It was the best time to be proud, but in the end, only by winning can I feel good.

De Browne is Manchester Citys best player in the 2017-18 season, but this season he has been plagued by injuries, playing time has been greatly reduced. I suffered two serious injuries, which was my worst start in years. After I recovered from injury, it was clear that my body was not strong enough to play all the games. If I play once a week, thats okay, but Ive played five or six games in two and a half weeks since I came back, and my body says,No, its impossible.

But the injuries did not affect De Brownes psychology. The first two were accidents, not physical therapy or any other factors. The first time I sprained my ankle, and the second time Mensa pressed me on my knee. If he fell 10 centimeters off, there would be no problem. I know my body is not ready for a series of matches at the moment, but I have no doubt that everything will be all right after a pleasant summer vacation and pre-season preparations. For me, I thought the season ended early after the injury against Spurs, but it was a good thing that I recovered in time in the last round of the Premier League and won the trophy, and then I could play in the FA Cup final.

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