Shanghai Media: Its not surprising that foreign aid from Hengda hit their faces and talked.

 Shanghai Media: Its not surprising that foreign aid from Hengda hit their faces and talked.

The article points out that, as the seventh champion of the Chinese Super League, Cannavaro coached Guangzhou Evergrande Team beat Wuhan Zhuoer 3-2 on the road in this round. Nevertheless, Hengda violated the clubs internal rules in order to win the game. It is likely that Hengda will face itself again. Under the pressure of achievement, Hengda broke his promise again.

According to the media, Hengdas words do not count. Its not news that Hengda only considers its own interests. Before that, Evergrande Club had made it clear that it would never invoke an arms race. As a result, during the summer window transfer period last year, Evergrande was the first to face itself. It spent 40 million euros to buy Paulinio from Barcelona and nearly 30 million euros to introduce Taliska.

Under the background that the Chinese Football Association clearly implemented salary cap and other salary management reform system, Guangzhou Evergrande violated the original investors promise not to invoke the arms race and took the lead in the arms race again. According to Hengda Clubs financial report, Hengda Guang spent 650 million yuan on these two foreign aid, almost a years input from other relegation teams.

Hengda, as a private enterprise, football achievement is also a beautiful coat of the enterprise. Evergrande promised double foreign aid at the beginning because the clubs local players were in urgent need of blood exchange, so it promised double foreign aid to create an atmosphere of public opinion and seek more benefits. Now five international footballers have entered the urn. When the teams performance declined, the original Haishishan League was a bunch of nonsense, which is not surprising, but also an objective response to the constant decline in the credibility of Evergrande football.

Source: Responsible Editor of Wanke Football App: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656