Casola: I never dreamed that I would enjoy returning to the national team.

 Casola: I never dreamed that I would enjoy returning to the national team.

My teammates told me, because they were already calling my name after the training. I didnt know why they were shouting, and then they began to congratulate me.

Im glad Im answering all my congratulations. I never dreamed that would happen. I must thank all the people who supported me in difficult times, the medical team in Vitoria, and my family. Without them, it would have been impossible.

I will enjoy it and I will try my best to support it. As I have done before, this year has been a wonderful year. I didnt expect it to end like this.

I never thought it would be like this because Ive been injured for two years and its hard to get back to my best. Im not old enough. I know its hard to get back into the national team. But I found my best level, thanks to my teammates and coaches, who helped me to do it.

I think I can help, and I will do that. In the time of injury, I thought that if I returned to the top division, I would not be satisfied with playing in the lower division. My goal at that time was to return to the top flight. I dont know if I can do it. Now I have achieved it. So I will have the same attitude in the national team.

It feels like being called up for the first time, because its unexpected and Ill enjoy it very much.

I can change my holiday plans. Its wonderful. Im still hungry for games and enjoyment. I havent told anyone yet. Ill say now that Im still digesting this.

I hope you can see a better Villarreal next year. Im waiting for people to say that to me. I hope they can say that to me next week, but Im focusing on Villarreal now and Ill stay here. I have to thank Huang Qian. They chose to trust me in the most difficult time. I will always thank them. So I regard this place as my home. Besides, the chairman is a very special person for me. My relationship with this club is very good. ?

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