A 19-year-old pregnant woman strangled and her baby was forcibly removed from the abdomen of a dumpster

 A 19-year-old pregnant woman strangled and her baby was forcibly removed from the abdomen of a dumpster

CNN reported a murder in Chicago late last month in which a 19-year-old pregnant woman was abducted home through social media, strangled with a coaxial cable and brutally removed her unborn baby from the womb.

Screenshots of CNN reports

CNN said the victim was Ochoa Lopez, a student at Latino Youth High School in Chicago, Illinois.

The report said that Lopez, who is only 19 years old, is the mother of a toddler and will soon have a second child. Because Lopez had no job and was very short of money, she chose to post on Facebook for help.

Source: Ochoa Lopez

According to social media postings and a priest familiar with Lopezs family, CNN said Lopez needed help to buy a two-wheeled baby carriage for her toddler and upcoming baby.

Reported that Lopez asked for help in a Facebook group called Help ASister Out. Lopez said she had no job and was short of money. She wanted to buy, trade or accept donations directly. A woman responded to Lopezs post, saying she could provide baby clothes and other unused items, but asked Lopez to respond by private letter.

However, on April 23, Lopez disappeared suddenly.

Missing Persons Information Published by the Police

The turning point took place on May 7.

At that time, a friend of Lopez told the police that Lopez had talked with a man named Figueroa on Facebook before he disappeared. Police found that Lopez had purchased baby supplies from the man in the past.

According to this clue, police investigators came to Figueroas home, only to see Figueroas daughter, Desiri. Desiri said her mother was hospitalized with leg problems and said her mother had just given birth to a baby.

It was reported that on the same day that Lopez disappeared, the Chicago Fire Department received a telephone call claiming that there was a dangerous newborn at home, and then the newborn was taken to a hospital with a woman claiming to be the mother of the baby.

And this woman is Figueroa.

Police Guard Lopezs Home Map Source: The Associated Press

When the police came to the hospital to see Figueroa, Figueroa said at first that she had seen Lopez before, but she said that Lopez did not come to her on April 23.

Suspiciously, the police happened to be near Figueroas home and saw the car Lopez drove before he disappeared. This is clearly contrary to what Figueroa said.

With suspicion of Figueroa, on Tuesday, detectives found bleach and detergents at Figueroas home and scorched clothes and blood on the floor of the living room, bathroom and corridor.

Later, the police found Lopezs body in a garbage can in the yard of his home in Figueroa, and found coaxial cables used to strangle Lopez, along with other evidence.

Three days later, Figueroas daughter, Desiri, confessed to the police that she had helped her mother kill Lopez.

At present, both female suspects are charged with first-degree murder and serious assault of children under 13 years of age. Figueroas boyfriend was charged with felony of concealing the death of others and felony of homicide.

Ochoa Lopezs father is in pain: The Associated Press

Reported that the police also found Lopezs dental records, and from her home came her comb and toothbrush for DNA certification. Eventually, the police successfully paired Lopezs DNA with the DNA of the newborn stolen by Figueroa.

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson told CNN, Words really cant express how disgusting and disgusting it is.

Captain Eddie Johnson gives a screenshot of a CNN interview

Police are still investigating the suspects motive for killing, but Johnson believes the suspects motive is to raise the newborn as his own child. Two years ago, Figueroa lost a 20-year-old son for natural reasons, Johnson said.

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