Self-blackening thieves were caught using mud to smear their faces when they claimed they had stolen and alerted the police.

 Self-blackening thieves were caught using mud to smear their faces when they claimed they had stolen and alerted the police.

Self-portrait in Dong Mous Mobile Phone

Put on a mask, hat, and then use black mud to black face, neck, ears, hands... A man in Taishun County, Wenzhou, thought this would be a safe bet. He had stolen more than a dozen times in a row. He also reported to the Public Security Bureau that his family had been stolen. Peng Mei News learned from Taishun police on May 17 that the suspect, Dong Mou, had been detained on suspicion of theft.

On the evening of May 10, 25-year-old Dong Mou reported to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Taishun County Public Security Bureau that an Apple 6 cell phone and a gold necklace had been stolen. Wu Xuyan, a police officer, asked about the characteristics of the stolen gold chain. Dong Mou could not describe it clearly. He took out an Apple 7 mobile phone and said there were pictures in it.

Wu Xuyan found that Dong Mous white mobile phone and yellowish mobile phone shell are familiar.

In early May, there were several burglaries in Luoyang Town, Taishun. When Wu Xuyan visited a stolen rubber factory, he learned from the guard that on the day of the incident, a strange man with dark skin entered under the name of looking for a job. The guard also took photos with his hands. In the photo, the man was holding a white Mobile phone and the mobile phone shell was yellowing.

Monitoring of Taishun Police Map at the Gate of Rubber Factory

Therefore, Wu Xuyan took Dongs mobile phone to check the photo album and found a self-photograph of Dong wearing a hat and mask, which basically coincided with the photograph taken by the doorman of the rubber factory. He also checked Dongs information through the public security information system and found that he had a criminal record of theft.

Under interrogation, Dong confessed that after his release from prison in October last year, because he had no fixed income, he began to work as an old business. In early May this year, he stole many dormitories. They all knocked on the door with their mobile phones. Someone opened the door and pointed to the photos of women in their mobile phones and said that they were looking for someone. No one opened the door and then broke the door. To prevent being photographed on the face and recognized by passers-by, he wore masks and hats while committing the crime. He also bought black mud and blackened all the exposed parts of his face, neck, ears and hands.

According to Dong, he stole more than 6,000 yuan in cash and a bracelet with gold beads. For the theft reflected by Dong Mou, the police said that they had filed a case because they could not confirm that it was a false policeman.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331