Aliyun Reproduction Failure: Delaying News Agency Information Flow for Three Hours

 Aliyun Reproduction Failure: Delaying News Agency Information Flow for Three Hours

According to the Finance Associated Press (Shanghai, Reporter Zhou Yuan), Aliyuns service has broken down again.

On the afternoon of May 17, users of the official website home page of a news unit in East China and the APP Express push terminal found that the original lightning-fast information flow was updated very slowly and did not refresh for a long time. At the same time, a staff member of the news agency workgroup asked, How did page updates go down?

According to a reporter from the Finance Associated Press, the problem was Aliyuns mobile push based on mobile cloud service, which lasted three hours before and after the failure, affecting the speed of news push on PC and mobile phones. Ali Yun told reporters, The fault has now been solved.

This is not the first time Aliyun has had a similar failure. A technical director of a news agency in eastern China told the Financial Associated Press that the morning news was delivered three hours later than the time of the push, and the user did not receive it until it was too late.

This new malfunction is known as the Apple Message Push delay of three hours.

Within three hours of Aliyuns downtime of mobile push based on mobile cloud service, the information flow of the PC and mobile clients of Aliyun lost reminder function, which is equivalent to losing the core competitiveness of the news unit, which is famous for its speed.

According to the reporters observation, the impact of the failure is not very wide, and social media is not aware of the failure.

In North China on March 2 this year, Aliyun also had a malfunction. That failure had a big impact and shocked the social media community.

At that time, three hours of Alis downtime, including advertising media, live events, video websites, software services, cloud server providers and core business of Ali Group, were affected to varying degrees.

Aliyun responded at that time that IOHANG (IO non-response, i.e. disk non-response) appeared in some instances such as C part ECS server (cloud server) in North China 2 Available Area, which also said that compensation will be handled according to SLA agreement (service contract).

For the small-scale malfunction on May 17, Aliyun did not offer relevant compensation, nor disclosed which computer room in which region of East China had the malfunction, only told the Financial Associated Press reporter that the malfunction has been solved now.

Financial Associated Press reporter learned that North China 2 is one of the earliest regions in North China where Aliyun opened cloud services. ECS servers are the core part of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) in Aliyun. Therefore, once a failure occurs, it affects a wide range of areas.

It took Aliyun about three hours to solve the problem, said the head of the technical department of the above-mentioned news unit. On March 2, this year, Aliyun suffered a huge and widespread outage, which lasted the same time.

According to incomplete statistics, as of May 17, Aliyun had five failures in 2019. The fault of April 22 occurred in East China 2, but it is hardly known.

Photo Source: @li Hongbo

In addition, on February 22 this year, it was reported that the source code of 235 projects of more than 40 well-known companies was suddenly leaked due to the ambiguity of project privilege settings in Aliyun. Aliyun responded that it would evaluate and improve the design of related products.

Aliyun has the first market share in China, and its revenue scale is also the highest absolute value of cloud business in China.

According to the latest financial report of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2009 released by BABA.N, Aliyuns revenue in that quarter reached 7.726 billion yuan, an increase of 76% over the same period of last year; in the whole fiscal year of 2019, Aliyuns revenue was 24.7 billion yuan. Since Alibaba first disclosed cloud computing revenue in fiscal year 2015, the annual compound growth rate of Alibaba cloud revenue has reached 110% in four years.

On May 6, IDC, a market research institute, released a report Tracking Chinas Public Cloud Service Market (the second half of 2018), which showed that the overall market size of Chinas public cloud services in the second half of 2018 was over 4 billion US dollars, of which IaaS market grew by 88.4% year-on-year, while PaaS market grew by 124.3%.

From the overall market share of IaaS and PaaS, Aliyun shares 42.7%, ahead of Tencent 11.8%, China Telecom 7.5% and Amazon (AWS) 7.2%, Baidu first ranked in the top five, with a market share of 4.4%.

At present, cloud computing has become an industry consensus to replace the old IT deployment model. The Gartner study predicts that the growth rate of the public cloud industry will remain above the 15% level in 2017-2020, the market size will reach US$383.4 billion in 2020, and the total scale of cloud substitution will reach US$216 billion.

Source: Responsible Editor of the Financial Associations: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279