Downwind Drivers Video of Passenger Video Captured by Millions of Authorities: Verification

 Downwind Drivers Video of Passenger Video Captured by Millions of Authorities: Verification

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Hello Downwind Driver Photographs Passengers Upload Short Video Platform Hello: If you receive complaints, it will be banned (Source:)

Moreover, the passengers were mainly women, some of them were mosaics, and most of the subjects were emotional. Screenshots show that the number of fans on the platform account reached 550,000, and the number of points praised exceeded 1.3 million.

In response, Hellos travel responded that a special team had been set up at the first time. The platform was urgently contacting the owner to verify the facts. Once verified, it would be immediately sealed and handled. The platform has zero tolerance for verifying all behaviors involving social interaction. At present, the short videos of the owners involved on multiple platforms have been removed from the shelves.

Its not the first time something like this has happened.

In August 2016, Kongmou, the driver of the online car appointment, was waiting outside the Capital Airport at about 11 p.m. to receive the order of the stewardess, and took pictures without the stewardessknowledge, which was broadcast live on the Panda TV platform.

Previously, Amoy Big, a user certified as a well-known funny and humorous blogger, video self-media, released videos to communicate with passengers while driving on multiple network platforms. Most of the passengers in the video are women, and the main content is chatting about emotions, such as the video titled Before ambiguity happens, everyone feels able to control their emotions and so on. Only a small number of videos showed passengers having mosaics on their faces.

On Aug. 29, 2018, Huya Live Broadcast issued the Announcement on Further Strengthening the Content Management of Driving Safety Live Broadcasting, which prohibits drivers of all forms of online appointments, such as downwind, express, special and carpooling, from broadcasting live in the form of meeting with netizens (including, but not limited to, live broadcasting without the knowledge of passengers and homemade scripts by hosts).

Violation of Privacy Portrait Rights by Passengers Without Permission to Live Broadcast

Lawyer Changsha of Beijing Kyoto Law Firm said that if the owner of the downwind car broadcasts female passengers live on the live platform, then such behavior has been suspected of illegal. According to the relevant laws of our country, those who infringe upon the civil rights and interests of others should bear the tort liability, and the civil rights and interests include the right to portrait and the right to privacy.

If the owner of a downwind car takes a photo of the passengers ride without the passengers consent, and exposes the passengers private ride behavior to the live broadcast platform, the person watching the live broadcast will watch the passengers whole journey and even make a vulgar evaluation. This kind of behavior violates the passengers right of portrait and privacy, and even violates the right of reputation to a certain extent. The passenger has the right to request the owner of the downwind car to stop. Infringement, elimination of influence, apology and compensation for losses.

Article 42 of the Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security stipulates that whoever peeps, photographs, eavesdrops or disseminates other peoples privacy shall be sentenced to detention of not more than 5 days or a fine of not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to detention of not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days.

Article 110 of the General Principles of Civil Law stipulates that natural persons enjoy the rights of life, body, health, name, portrait, reputation, honour, privacy and marital autonomy.