He claims to be master of human soul and deceives believers by deceiving 7 million people with only primary school culture.

 He claims to be master of human soul and deceives believers by deceiving 7 million people with only primary school culture.

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Magic Master deceives believers by more than 7 million people. In fact, only primary school culture (source: ~)

Zhang Mou, a self-proclaimed master of Fengshui in Nethong, calls himself a master of human soul and can change the fate of his disciples. He packages himself and talks about it everywhere, which makes many believers come to ask him for advice on life. One of them paid a training fee of 480,000 yuan. But they eventually found that the so-called transshipment, disaster relief is all a fraud.

Victim Shen introduced that Zhang would send them some copper money, red beans, hair and other things at the beginning, but the promises were not fulfilled, and they were not fulfilled, so she asked several other students to find that everyone was deceived.