New Zealand Premier: I really cant understand why the United States hasnt controlled guns yet.

 New Zealand Premier: I really cant understand why the United States hasnt controlled guns yet.

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On March 15, 51 people were killed in mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. A few days later, Adens government announced a ban on military semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and large magazines.

Australia went through a massacre and then changed the law. New Zealand also experienced this and then amended its laws. To tell you the truth, I really dont understand America. (Tobehonest, I dont understand the United States.)

Afterwards, Aden took the lead in calling on the worlds largest Internet platform to delete extremist content online. At the time of the Christchurch shooting, the murderer broadcast his assault live through social media platforms such as Facebook and tubing, which did not find out until 17 minutes later and closed down his studio.

Aden said at the time that technology companies could do more to cope with the spread of violent content.