Melon Seed Used Car Salesmen are exposed to abscond with money: after receiving customersmoney, they lose contact

 Melon Seed Used Car Salesmen are exposed to abscond with money: after receiving customersmoney, they lose contact

_Vehicle dealers defend their rights in front of the used car store of melon seeds.

The used car salesman of melon seeds was arrested after losing money

Chen Mou, a car dealer in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, told upstream journalists that he had known Niu Mou on March 11 when he ordered cars online through the used cars of melon seeds and assigned work orders to the customer service of the used cars of melon seeds. He bought two cars on the used cars of melon seeds through Niu Mou Mou on March 11. The money was brushed to the subsidiary company of melon seeds. Later, he cooperated several times, and the contract was not signed, but the cars he had been able to pass through the household normally. On May 7, there was another household visit.

Why did you put the car purchase money into a private account? Chen said that the money transferred to a private account was put forward by Niu Mou. Since there were no mistakes in the normal transfer vehicle before, the two sides were familiar with it, and believed that the second-hand car of melon seeds, so they agreed to the requirements of the other side.

Chen also said that on the morning of May 13, Niu Mou-mou could be reached by phone, but could not be contacted later.

Chen Mou melon seeds used car was told that Niu Mou had left his post in March, the relevant situation to wait for the police to say.

Chen Mou disagreed with melon seeds response to leaving in March. At the end of April, Niu Mou sent me a video of his meeting in the used car of melon seeds. The video showed that he was on the scene of the meeting at that time.

On the morning of May 13, the second-hand car of melon seeds responded that the company had set up a special working group to actively communicate with the car dealers involved and report the case to the public security organs on suspicion of fraud.

According to Melon Seed Used Vehicle, after investigation, the injured dealers were cheated by Gaomou by fictitious contract and vehicle price far below the market without signing a second-hand vehicle sales and intermediary service contract with Melon Seed Used Vehicle Company, and then paid to Gaomous designated private account by transferring money to individual bank account.

At present, melon seed used car company has set up a special working group, hoping the relevant car dealers to provide all the details of vehicle transactions, in order to find out the truth.

Melon seed used car salesman suspected of fraud is no longer a case

Upstream news reporters noted that similar incidents had occurred in Shenzhen before: Mr. Huang, a used car dealer, bought many cars from the sales manager of Longgang Guazi Second-hand Car Shop in Shenzhen, and since March this year, he has been unable to pick them up after paying.

Mr. Huang said that after the alarm, it was found that the used car tail money entered into the sales managers personal account was not transferred to the companys account, resulting in a loss of 89 million yuan. Longgang police in Shenzhen said the salesman had been detained by the police in April on suspicion of fraud.

Regarding internal corruption, Melon Seed Second-hand Vehicle said that the companys attitude towards corruption and crime was absolutely not condoned, and decided to implement the Great Safety Plan, upgrade anti-corruption and crime suppression to the strategic level, set up the Great Safety Department and report directly to the CEO; promote the Great Safety Plan to penetrate into the whole business links, become the necessary capacity-building of the company, systematically reduce the harm to the company and produce adverse social effects. The occurrence of problems such as noise.