Former Star Privately Solicited Fried Pot: Cui Juns whereabouts become a mystery and her daughter denies that she is wanted nationwide

 Former Star Privately Solicited Fried Pot: Cui Juns whereabouts become a mystery and her daughter denies that she is wanted nationwide

Cui Jun, a former private equity champion who was famous for participating in the grand show of raising cards in Xinhua Department Store (600785), recently attracted market attention because of a news that has been wanted nationwide.

The announcement also said that Chengjian, the second largest shareholder and supervisor of Shanghai Baoyin, had fulfilled his duties in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company law and articles of association, and assisted the public security organs in carrying out the procedures for the accountability of other persons involved.

On the evening of May 15, a reporter from Company E called the Economic Investigation Detachment in Hongkou District, Shanghai. The staff on duty said, The specific case can not be informed. If we take coercive measures against him, according to the procedure, we will only inform his family members. We have no control over whether family members will inform others.

Reporters then called Cui Wenwen, who did not answer the phone, for the reporter sent whether Cui Jun was arrested question, as of publication, did not receive a response.

Regarding the ownership of Xinhua Department Store, Cui Wenwenwen said that the announcement of Xinhua Department Store shall prevail. Reporters repeatedly dialed Cui Juns telephone, and as of the time of submission, it showed shutdown.

Each insists: Cui Juns daughter denies that Cui Jun is wanted

Cui Jun, the companys largest shareholder and legal representative, has been investigated by the public security organs on suspicion of official embezzlement and is now wanted nationwide. Former executive Wang Min has also been dismissed from the company. The announcement on the illegal activities of Cui Jun and other senior executives published on the website of Shanghai Baoyin added the official seal of Shanghai Baoyin Winning Investment Management Co., Ltd. On April 22, the deposit date of the decision on filing published simultaneously on the website was November 28, 2018. And public information shows that at the end of March this year, Cui Jun also interviewed the media to talk about the stock market.

Earlier, on January 3, Shanghai Baoyin website announced that Chengjian, the shareholder of the company, privately established Shenzhen Qianhai Yinghua Fund Management Partnership (Limited Partnership), which raised more than 80 million yuan of shareholdersfunds. Chengjian controls Shanghai Yinghua Investment Management Co., Ltd. as an executive partner, the investment failed miserably, losing 95% of the 60 million capital of Shenzhen Qianhai Yinghua shareholders.

After the announcement of the filing decision of Hongkou Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the Chengjian team said that Cui Jun misappropriated a total of 90 million yuan from 123 issues of Shanghai Baoyins equity fund and invested it in Shanghai Zhaosheng, an empty shell company. Shanghai Zhaosheng also applied for a fund license from the fund industry association to issue private equity funds and raise a brand of Xinhua Department Store with Shanghai Baoyins fund. In October last year, after investor found the huge loss of the fund, he examined the relevant information of Cui Jun and went to the public security organ to report the case.

Cui Wenwenwen told e company reporters: Chengjian calls Zhaowin Company a shell company, which is totally untrue. According to the Company Law, the establishment of Shanghai Zhaoying Asset Management Co., Ltd. does not require sound approval. Shanghai Baoyin Chuangying Investment Management Co., Ltd. injected capital into Shanghai Zhaoying Asset Management Co., Ltd. also conformed to the Contract Law and Company Law. Cheng Jians claim of illegality is groundless.

Regarding the decision to file a case, Cui Wenwen said, Public security is only the stage of investigation, and now there is insufficient evidence. Our company has sent letters to the public security departments to request the cancellation of the case. Cui Jun has to be sued for occupation, but my company declares that it has never sued Cui Jun, 50.05% of the controlling shareholder. When the reporter asked whether Cui Jun had been wanted, Cui Wenwen responded: No, thats impossible, there is no warrant for arrest.

Cui Jun embezzled 90 million assets of client equity fund and misappropriated company assets. The public security department has filed a case. I am the second largest shareholder of the company and the biggest victim and responsible person.

Similarly, the seal of Shanghai Baoyin points to the bad behavior of major shareholders and two shareholders respectively. In this regard, Wang Mins view is that Cheng Jian forged the signature of the legal person, forged the official seal, the legal person seal and the special financial seal for winning investment, changed the background password of the companys private fund in the China Foundation Association, attempted to defraud the companys property and fund property with the forged official seal, colluded with the dismissed employees to steal the companys website password and source code, and issued a false announcement on the website with the forged official seal. u3002

At present, Cui Wenwen and Chengjian both claim that the other party seized the official seal, issued false information, and wanted to sue the other party to the court.

In fact, as the largest shareholder of Shanghai Baoyin, Cui Jun and the second largest shareholder have been fighting each other constantly.

Under the continuous internal struggle, the product loss of Shanghai Baoyin Fund is also serious. In terms of products within this years deadline, the two, five, nine, 17, 18, 19, 23 and 13 of the most potential Buffett hedge funds are all due on March 29, 2019, but their accumulated losses are 79.84%, 86.58%, 91.64%, 88.21%, 87.31%, 88.32%, 66.86% and 72.91%.

Field visits: office doors locked

What is the current business situation of Shanghai Baoyin in the whirlpool of internal struggle? Cui Wenwen replies to e company reporter: Now it is still in normal operation, everything is good. At the same time, Cui Wenwen said, Our company is now focusing on accusing Chengjian of forging official seals and spreading rumors.

Chengjian told e company reporter: The company is operating normally, customers are still visiting and communicating, while reporting to the fund industry association. Because Cui Jun and Wang Min caused the company to be arbitrated by hundreds of clients, and they are already dishonest.

Through the locked glass door, you can see the logo of Shanghai Baoyin Chuangyi Investment Management Co., Ltd. and only a few desks and some debris piled up in the room. The company has not been feeling very well since last year. Sometimes nobody is there. A note was posted a year ago saying it has moved, but who knows it hasnt moved yet. An employee of another company who works on the same floor told e company reporters.

Cui Jun and His Person: Former Private Placement Champion

Cui Jun was born in 1970 with a bachelors degree. He is the chairman and legal representative of Shanghai Baoyin. According to Tian Eye Check, Cui Jun is also the chairman of Shanghai Zhaoying Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Baoyin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhaoying was founded in October 2014. Its major shareholder is Zou Xiaoli, the wife of Cui Jun, who holds 62.28% of the shares. Baoyin, the second largest shareholder, holds 30% of the shares. The subscription amount is 90 million yuan. Wang Min holds 0.25% of the shares. Shanghai Baoyin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is wholly owned by Zou Xiaoli, with a subscription of 300 million yuan.

Data show that Cui Jun Securities has 22 years of experience, is the private equity champion in 2014, its products that year with more than 300% of the revenue rate to win the first place. In 2015, Cui Jun also performed very well.

Words never stop killing people. On the eve of the breakout of the infighting with Chengjian (late March this year), Cui Jun said in an interview with the media that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index could break through 6124 points and hit 8000 points.

On March 27, Shanghai Baoyin also proposed to add temporary proposals at the annual shareholdersmeeting in 2018, recommending Zou Xiaoli, Cui Wenwen and Wang Min as candidates for new non-independent directors, and also proposed new candidates for independent directors and supervisors to propose profit distribution proposals. The board of directors of Xinhua Department Store refused to submit the proposal of Shanghai Baoyin to the shareholdersmeeting on the grounds that the current supervisors term of office had not expired, the sole director could not be dismissed without reason, and the huge cash dividend would cause the company to break its capital chain, regardless of the actual cash flow bearing capacity of the company.

In previous years, Cui Jun also repeatedly asked for the re-election of the board of directors, but failed. It can be said that repeated battles, repeated defeats and repeated battles.

Regarding the internal struggle between Baoyin and Shanghai, Xinhua Department Store Securities Affairs Department staff told the Securities Times e Company reporter, This is an internal matter of shareholders, we are not easy to blend in, we can only wait and see the changes. The person said that both sides of the two shareholders had contacts with listed companies before. However, Baoyin did not attend the annual shareholdersmeeting of Xinhua Department Store on April 23. After they have dealt with their internal affairs, they will have normal communication with the company in the future. The person said.

In the case of some reduction, the proposal of the board of directorsre-election is still submitted, which may prove that the products under Shanghai Baoyin do have greater pressure to withdraw. Among the recommended candidates for the board, Zou Xiaoli is Cui Juns wife, Cui Wenwen is Cui Juns daughter, and Wang Min is Shanghai Baoyin Wind Control Director (Chengjian said it had been dismissed), both of whom are Cui Juns men and women.

Cui Juns hunting of Xinhua Department Store lasted for a long time, and the previous period was unusually fierce. On April 14, 2015, Shanghai Baoyin raised its brand for the first time in Xinhua Department Store. Shanghai Baoyin has won a total 5% stake in three hedge funds with the most Buffett potential and 500 times Buffett potential. Since then, Cui Jun has increased all the way. By December 8, 2015, Shanghai Baoyin and its concerted actors had 32% of the shares, surpassing Wumart to become the largest shareholder in Xinhua Department Store.

Since then, Cui Jun and Wumei have continued to fight. The share-holding ratio has been very close for a long time and is in a stalemate. Cui Jun constantly tried to re-elect the board of directors to control Xinhua Department Store. Wumei Department also urgently increased its holding position and consolidated its controlling position. The board of directors of Xinhua Department Store strongly resisted Cui Jun and repeatedly refused to submit its proposal to the shareholdersmeeting. In addition, the two sides also waged a litigation war.

Until May 2018, the Supreme Law changed the verdict of Wumart Group accuser Zhang Wen innocent. Zhang Wen is the founder and soul of Wu-Mei Department. His success in overturning the case also inspires the whole Wu-Mei Department. In September 2018, Wumart Groups top-notch tender acquisition plan landed, with the gap between the two sides widening to 7%, and the proportion of public ownership has approached the minimum requirement. Shanghai Baoyin has very limited operational space.