Osmo Action Lingjue Camera Released in Dajiang: 2499 yuan for GoPro

 Osmo Action Lingjue Camera Released in Dajiang: 2499 yuan for GoPro

OsmoAction in Dajiang adopts front and rear double color screen design, using 2.25 inches? Rear? Clear touch screen and 1.4 inches front high definition screen respectively. Simply speaking, the rear touch screen makes it easier for users to adjust the camera through the camera body out of app. The front screen design should be one of the most eye-catching parts. It is important to know that there were no large motion camera factories before. With the popularity of live broadcasting and vlog, the demand for front-end screens has increased significantly. OsmoAction undoubtedly grasps the hard demand of users once again at this point.

As for the battery storage, OsmoAction adopts the integrated design of battery cover, which can be quickly unlocked by pulling the lock at both ends of the battery storage, and is equipped with 1300 mAh lithium batteries.

Otherwise, OsmoAction uses magnesium alloy framework to improve the overall structural strength, and uses PC plastic and soft glue wrapped keys with special processing outside; OsmoAction supports 11 meters waterproof and dust-proof capability of bare machine; and in the data interface part of fuselage side, OsmoAction supports USB Type-C interface.

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