Wanda Department Store Renamed as the First Shop in Suning Ebay Square at the end of May

 Wanda Department Store Renamed as the First Shop in Suning Ebay Square at the end of May

Netease Technologies News May 15, at a media conference in Suning 618, President Hou Enlong announced that 37 stores of Wanda Department Store will be officially renamed as Suning Yishou Square and will be built into a smart retail square. The first renovated store will appear at the end of May.

It is reported that, with the original 19 Suning shopping plazas and 16 Suning plazas, Sunings square format has reached 72. Suning has officially built the largest self-operated intelligent retail square system in China. Hornlong said.

In 618, Suning will once again aim to replace the old with the new, and increase the subsidy of 1 billion yuan for the new. Hornlong said that the 1 billion yuan subsidy will focus on upgrading from household appliances to household appliances, mobile phones, computers and other categories, with exclusive replacement subsidies. He said, This 618, we will triple upgrades in categories, services and subsidies, will be old to new to the end.

According to Hou Enlong, Suning 618 will also focus on logistics and services. Suning 618 will build an hour service circle, within 3 kilometers, to achieve five categories of fresh, fast disappearance, Department stores, 3C, household appliances, one hour to home. Suning Logistics will pay for the first time landing on time business, early to late to lose money. Hornlong promised, The payment business is not profitable, all subsidies to the first-line courier brother.

According to public data, Suning has laid out more than 6,000 small stores and 2,000 front warehouses in the country, covering 40,000 communities, and 46 cities covered by cold-chain warehouses have expanded from 179 to 188. (Orange)