Gong Xiaobin: Recent training focuses on physical recovery. Next step is to adjust personnel.

 Gong Xiaobin: Recent training focuses on physical recovery. Next step is to adjust personnel.

Qilu. com, May 15? On the morning of May 15, Shandong Xiwang Mens Basketball Team ushered in the first media opening day in the training center of the Provincial Sports Bureau. Lightning sports reporters saw on the spot that the players participating in the training were Wu Nan, Zhang Chunjun, Wen Yanxing, Tao Hanlin, Jia Cheng, Zhu Rongzhen, Wu Jing, Zhang Qingpeng, Wang Guanxiang, Wang Wenyu, Panning, Wang Ruheng and Li Honghan, totaling 13 players. Chen Peidong, a junior basketball player, is expected to return to Jinan on the 27th due to his absence from basketball training for three players. In addition, Zhang Hui, who had been injured for a long time, still did not appear on the training ground.

Since the first training on May 5, Shandong Mens Basketball Team has been training in the base for 10 days. Gong Xiaobins speech reflects the word strict everywhere. In the near future, physical recovery is still the main task, because some playersfoundation is relatively poor, so we have more basic technical exercises, but now we are working hard, No. In terms of personal ability or other aspects, it has been greatly improved.

In tactical training, Gong Xiaobin and Hou Bing are in charge of the interior members. In training the interior players, Gong Xiaobin is also personally on the stage to do actions for the players. Every time the players shoot, every step moves, Gong Xiaobin will personally do it. It can be said that the requirements are very harsh.

Gong Xiaobin admits that training is a mirror of competition, and the training effect can only be reflected through competition. It is reported that the Shandong Xiwang Mens Basketball Team has initially determined three warm-up matches at the end of this month and the beginning of next month, Zibo for one match and Hebei for two.

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