On the first day of Hengshui Masters Competition, Chinese Weiqi 6 will open its doors

 On the first day of Hengshui Masters Competition, Chinese Weiqi 6 will open its doors

Chinese mens team Lianke won two consecutive victories in Chinese Taipei and South Korea. The situation of winning gold is extremely favorable. Chinas womens team won 1, lost Korea and won North America, while its old rival Koreas womens team was unexpectedly tied by Japan, the situation of championship is still in suspense. In the final match of Go duo, the Japanese combination of Takeshi Takeshi and Mori Zhikao defeated the Chinese combination of Runan and Yinqu to win the championship.

After 2 rounds of Go mens team:

Womens Go Teams Achievements after 2 Rounds

May 14, 9:30, the first round of mens Go team competition (Taihua Boyue Hotel):

Europe 0-3 Korea

Matteus Surma Negative Park Tinghuan

Iliashiksins failure to declare the truth

Pavolis Negative Li Zhixian

Japan 3-0 North America

Murakawa Dajiesheng Li Liyan

Historically, Ida Tuk won Shi Gansheng

Ben Muk Mi Sheng Lu Haojun

China Taipei 1-2 China

Wang Yuanjun Negative Ko Jie

Lin Lixiang Sheng Yan Yuting

Xu Haoyin Lives Up to Gu Zihao

May 14, 9:30, the first round of womens go team competition:

Taipei, China 1-1

Heijia Jiasheng Xiangjing Qianying

Hibiscus platyphylla var. Niu Rongzi

Europe 0-2 North America

Natalia Kovaleva Negative Lin Xuefen

Ogil Ariana Negative Sugpin

China 0-2 Korea

Yu Zhiying Negative Cui Jing

Wang Chenxing Negative Wu Youzhen

The second round of the 14:00 mens team competition on May 14:

European 0-3 Edition

Matteus Sulma Negative Village Kawakawa Briefing

Iliashikshins negative history of Itiandu

Pavoliz Negative Ben Mukmi

North America 0-3 Taipei, China

Li Liyan Negative Wang Yuanjun

Shi Gansheng Negative Lin Lixiang

Lv Haojun bears Xu Haoyin

Korea 0-3 China

Park Tinghuan Negative Ko Jie

Shen Zhenjian and Yu Ting

Li Zhixian Lives Up to Ku Zihao

The second round of the 14:00 Womens Team Competition on May 14:

China Taipei 2-0 Europe

Heija Kasen Natalia Kovaleva

Hibiscus triumphant over Ogil Ariana

North America 0-2 China

Lin Xuefens Negative to Yingying

Sugarpin loses Wang Chenxing

Japan 1-1 Korea

Xiangjing Qianying wins Cui Jing

Niu Rongzi bears Wu Youzhen

In the first four rounds of the chess fast game, Yu Yinyi, the most advanced player, started three games in succession and unexpectedly lost to Ukraines Cropov in the fourth round. Bu Xiangzhi drew with Cheparinov at the beginning, then lost two sets in a row, defeated compatriot Wang Hao in the fourth round, and will face the remaining waves in the next round. Wang Hao and his two negative points only accumulate one point. Dominguez of the United States is currently in the lead, while Fedosev of Russia is also two wins and second.

Chinese women chess players of national image, Lei Tingjie, win one and lose two, Zhao Xue, Tan Zhongyi, win one and lose two. Chinese men and womens chess players have a bad start. Ukrainian woman general Muzchuk Jr. won two games, while Russian Gunina won three and lost one. She was tied for the top spot with Georgia Zagnizer and Kazakhstan Abdulmalik.

Mens Ranking after Four Rounds of National Elephant

Womens Ranking after Four Rounds of National Elephant

In the individual chess match, Wang Tianyi, Zheng Weitong and Tang Dan, three top Chinese players, won two consecutive victories. Ruan Ming Riguang of Vietnam was unexpectedly late and lost his abstention to Wang Tianyi.

A total of 48 players from seven countries participated in the bridge competition. The open group competition included China, Norway, France and the Netherlands. The womens team competition included China, England, Sweden and Poland. The Chinese mens team is Ju Chuancheng, Shi Zhengjun, Zhuangzejun, Chen Gang, Hu Linlin, Liu Yinghao, and the womens team is Wang Wenlin, Shenqi, Lu Yan, Liu Yan, Wang Nan and Zuo Xiaoxue. The first three days of the team competition, the first stage of the double cycle, three rounds a day, 16 decks each round. At the end of the first three rounds of the first round, the Chinese womens team lost 7.97:12.03 to Norway, 10.61:9.39 to Poland, 16.88:3.12 to Sweden, tentatively ranked second; the Chinese mens team lost 3.58:16.42 to England, 12.75:5.25 to France, 5.61:14.39 to the Netherlands, tentatively ranked fourth.

Ukraine, Latvia and Saya of China ranked the top three in the womens group of chess, Zhang You was the ninth, Zhao Khanqing was the 14th and Li Jing was the 17th. The mens Ivory Coast, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia ranked in the top 4, while China remembered No. 6, Wang Chenfan No. 9, Tian Shenglu No. 10 and Zhou Wei No. 16.

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