Barcelonas dressing room has a big club: Messi and three others can decide the teams construction.

 Barcelonas dressing room has a big club: Messi and three others can decide the teams construction.

Within Barcelona, Messi, Pique, Busquets, Roberto, Alba, Terstegan and Suarez are members of the big gangs with high prestige and voice. Messi, Pique and Busquets have the most power of speech among the big guys. The three men won 34, 29 and 29 crowns, all of them from the La Masia Youth Training Camp. They are also elder brothers in terms of age and qualifications.

The Ass newspaper pointed out that the big guys had interfered in Barcelonas quotation. In the summer of 2017, Barcelona was very close to introducing the Royal Societys Vinego Martinez, whom Barvid admired very much. But under the boycott of the big guys, the transfer did not succeed because they all wanted Mascherano to keep his place. Ironically, in January 2018, Maggie turned to the Chinese Super League. Last summer, members of the Big Brothers also nodded to allow Barcelona to introduce Griezmann, but eventually the French released Barcelona pigeons.

Barcelona have booked De Jong and are pursuing Derricht. According to AS, De Jong is likely to switch to the centre-half in Barcelona rather than the back he used to play. In the back waist position, Busquets position is still unshakable. Derricht is close to joining Barcelona, which also makes Pique feel the crisis and pressure.

After losing to Liverpool, Barcelonas top managers wanted to change coaches, but the big guys supported him. Messi is still silent, but Busquets, Alba, Suarez and others have publicly expressed their support for the manager. Abidal returned to Barcelona last year and is seen by the club as a key link between senior management and the centre of the dressing room. The future team building of Barcelona will largely depend on the communication between Abidal and the big boys.

This summer, Barcelona will further improve its squad. But now, Barcelona cant be distracted ahead of time. The Red and Blues will play in the final of the Kings Cup. Barcelonas official announcement yesterday said: The board of directors, like all Barcelona fans, is disappointed and saddened by the Anfield game, and thanks all the fans who watched the Champions League semi-finals and Barcelonas match against Getafe. What we have to do is prepare for the final of the Kings Cup on May 25. We will try our best to win the Kings Cup and we hope all the fans will continue to support the team as much as possible.

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