Which is the best news anchor in the world?

 Which is the best news anchor in the world?

Actually, not only Kang Hui, but also Zhu Guangquan, a popular news anchor, is not inferior. He is known as a member of CCTV and can always broadcast news in a formal fashion. For example, in a recent news about flying flocks, Zhu Guangquan said, Once you go out, you will find a long way to go. You will search for a place without flying flocks from inside to outside, up and down, back and forth, left and right. This flying season, super long standby, more than a month of sustained strength. Inhalation can cause a stuffy nose. I dare not open my mouth.

In addition, many CCTV and local news anchors bring professional broadcasting in front of the camera, which is very popular with the audience.

Everyone is familiar with the news anchors in China through the TV screen, so what are the characteristics of foreign news anchors? Foreign affairs took stock of well-known news anchors from several Asian countries to see their style.

South Korea: Sun Shi-hee who kicked off the Park Hin-hye scandal

Sun Shixi, news anchor of JTBC TV in South Korea, is well known in the local community and has been called the first anchor in South Korea. In 2016, he presided over and reported the incident of Park Shinhuis trusting in government, pulling him down from the altar and becoming the spokesman of the public who dared to expose the scandal and protect justice.

JTBCs NewsRoom program gave an exclusive and continuous report on the trusted government incident that year. Sun Shixis objective and calm analysis in the program increased persuasion, and the ratings of the news program soared to 8.8%.

In April 2014, Sun Shixi personally went to the front line to report on the sinking of the Time ship. A colleague interviewed the rescued female students at the scene of the accident and asked, Do you know that your friend has been killed? In the program broadcast that evening, Sun Shixi apologized publicly for his colleagues.

Over the past 30 years, I have witnessed and reported many disasters, he said. These incidents made me understand that careful reporting based on facts and, more importantly, the position of the victims and their families should be taken into account. Many viewers were angry at my reporters inappropriate questions. There is no excuse, no reason, I apologize. As an anchor and director of the Department of Public Information, I didnt do my job of educating new people. Thats my fault. Such words made the audience respect him.

Sun Shixi spent half a year digging behind the scenes in order to report the sinking of the Time Ship in depth. He also participated in the documentary Diving Bell to expose the governments inaction during the golden rescue period.

Sun Shixis popularity does not depend solely on a single program. He has hosted and reported on many important events in Korean Society for more than 30 years. JTBC TV invited him to be Minister of Information. The only condition he proposed was to guarantee freedom of the press.

In 2013, the hero of the Korean film Live Horror was a news anchor, whose prototype was Sun Shixi.

But in January this year, he got into trouble. Yonhap News Agency reported that Sun Shixi was reported to have beaten journalists. Sun Shixi, in the midst of the storm of public opinion, appeared on the news program as usual. He said, I believe that the judicial investigation will explain everything, and I will unswervingly host the NewsRoom program.

North Korea: Lee Chunji, who is unique in roaring broadcasting

According to CCTV, Li Chunji, a 75-year-old Korean national treasure hostess, has long been known as a representative of the Korean media. She has retired from the Korean Central Television Station.

Because Li Chunji is used to wearing pink traditional clothes when broadcasting, the media gave her the title of Pink Lady. As a trump announcer in Kim Jong Ils era, in that era, almost all reports started with Comrade Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean Peoples Army were handled by Li Chunji. North Korea Central Televisions 8 p.m. news program is also her resident program.

In an interview with Li Chunji on TV News Channels New Years Day on Five Continents in 2012, she said that she is now training more new people behind the scenes. Young people are really needed on the screen.

Li Chunjis voice is very characteristic, not the sharp voice of women, but full of masculinity. Such voice and strong atmosphere make her a unique announcer, and her broadcasting is also called roaring broadcasting by the audience. North Koreas monthly pictorial, Korea, once introduced Li Chunji as a strong voice, courageous voice, strong appeal and outstanding eloquence, which can cause the enemy to split their hearts and galls whenever they make statements and speeches.

Japan: Active Yoko, voted the most popular female anchorwoman

Every year, ORICONNEWS website in Japan selects and publishes the Most Favorite Female Anchors List. Miko, who has been a news anchor for 27 years in NHK, topped the list in 2018.

Some voters said, There is a good reason for Meizi to be the same, and she likes her very much. Others praised Meizi as active, conscientious, experienced and not acting.

According to Asahi Shimbun, Yoko University joined NHK in 1991 after graduation. She is mainly responsible for the hosting of NHKs comprehensive channel program Chaoyi. She has also served as the host of NHKs Red and White Song Combat on many occasions.

In March 2018, she left NHK to become the anchor of NEWSZERO, a Japanese television station. She said, I want to stand on the spot and contact the first-hand information, and spread it out, and establish two-way communication with the audience. Thats why she left NHKs so-called golden bowl.

Motivated by Miko, she said she wanted to say what she wanted to say in the new anchor position, even if she was criticized, she would not be depressed. Be myself, and feel good about it.

India: Kohl who broadcasts the news of her husbands death on live broadcasting

According to NBC News, Supreet Kaur, a news anchorwoman on IBC24 channel in India, was on duty on April 8, 2017 when a reporter called to report a major car accident that needed to be broadcast.

Cole did not know the identity of the deceased when she got the press release. She deduced that her husband, Harsad Kawade, was also one of the deceased when she broadcasted the news from details of the location of the accident, the wrecked vehicle and so on.

For a time, Coles voice trembled, but she soon calmed down and went on broadcasting. At the end of the program, she left the studio in tears and rushed to contact the live reporters for confirmation. At that time, Cole and her husband only married for one year.

The editor-in-chief of IBC24 Channel in India said that Kohl had been working there for nine years since the establishment of the television station. Although colleagues felt sorry for her experience, they were also proud of her. This matter is widely spread in the social media, and netizens have praised Carl as a professional, dedicated and distressing anchor.

Source: Foreign Affairs Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284