The man who fled after cheating 189 million yuan and was released to Hangzhou for nearly a year sighed like this

 The man who fled after cheating 189 million yuan and was released to Hangzhou for nearly a year sighed like this

So far, Zhejiang public security organs have offered a public reward for the arrest of the 12th fugitive suspect in 24 online loan cases.

July 16, 2018, Giant Tide Finance P2P platform thunderstorm, the platforms actual controller Zhou Mou did not know where to go. Binjiang police found that from February 2 to July 16 last year, Zhou took over Hangzhou Juchao Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. (the Juchao Finance P2P platform) and absorbed 189 million yuan of public deposits by using P2P financial management mode and high interest returns.

Binjiang police found that Zhou Mou, the actual controller of the Giant Tide Finance P2P platform, is a Wenzhou native of Zhejiang Province. He is 1.8 meters tall, has a beautiful appearance, excellent eloquence and is usually very high-profile. He often drives his Jaguar car to haunt some high-end entertainment and consumption places, and has a drug history.

But some time before the platform thunderstorm, Zhou Mou disappeared after withdrawing huge amounts of cash in the province, until the police received the case and found that Zhou Mou had absconded.

Police found that Zhou has always been very cunning. After accepting the platform of Giant Tide Finance, he illegally absorbed funds in the form of self-financing under false labels. The means were bad. At first, he could cash in the way of new repayment to investors. Later, the capital chain broke down. Zhou escaped after gradually transferring huge amounts of cash from the company to his personal name.

Where is sb. Zhou?

The police decided to start with people close to him. Investigative police said that the last call of a mobile phone number used one year ago was in Dehong, Yunnan Province, so they began to arrange in Dehong area.

Police found that just one month after Zhou disappeared with a huge amount of money, his girlfriend had a record of express delivery to Dehong, Yunnan Province, and had repeatedly entered and left the border between China and Myanmar.

Will Zhou Mou hide in Dehong, Yunnan?

The special police team immediately went to Dehong, Yunnan Province, after obtaining this clue. Because there are no direct flights from Hangzhou to Dehong, only connecting flights, and there are no trains from Ruili to Dehong, only cars. On the day when the police rushed to Kunming, the flight from Hangzhou to Kunming was delayed, which resulted in the missed flight from Kunming to Dehong. They only stayed at the airport until the next morning and then went to Dehong. The damp and hot climate and plateau reaction in Yunnan, coupled with travel and eating habits, caused one of the four special police teams to have a high fever, and the other three to vomit and diarrhea when they arrived at the local area. In addition, Dehong area coincided with the Dai Water Sprinkling Festival, which helped the police to be nervous and the investigation of the case progressed slowly.

In the face of physical discomfort, the team actively docked with the local public security department for support, and finally found a mobile phone number Zhou used in Ruili.

Zhou Mou found the local backing mountain

Ruili is a border city between China and Myanmar. It belongs to Dehong Prefecture. The clue for the police is that Zhou is likely to be active in this area. The border line of Ruili is more than 150 kilometers long. Such a distance adds new difficulties to the investigation work.

In addition, various forces in northern Myanmar are complex, and this week has brought great difficulties to the arrest of civilian police.

Police investigation found that Zhou did not have regular work every day, often mixed up in local casinos to gamble away time. The casinos are controlled by local forces in Myanmar, and it is impossible for the police to go to the casinos to explore.

Not only that, Zhou Mou is good at communication by virtue of his eloquence. When he came to Myanmar, he met a big brother of Myanmar. Because he can communicate with Big Brother in English and is always courteous, Big Brother covers him as Little Brother. With this elder brother, Zhous activities in the local area became much safer and smoother. He bought a white Toyota car on the black market as a means of transportation. Every day he traveled between the casino and his place of residence, and no one dared to trouble him.

Find the best opportunity to capture

After continuous tracking and ranking, the police found that Zhous eldest brother needed to go out for promotion, and Zhou also needed to move to local residential quarters.

At this time, the police feel that the opportunity has come, has been tracking and waiting.

On April 28, the police found Zhou Mou in a shanty area, but could not confirm his specific orientation. On May 3, he bought a refrigerator for his new rental house, but instead of letting the merchant deliver the goods to his door, he let the other party deliver them to the entrance of a hotel.

On May 6, the local police searched for nearly a day, more than 5 p.m., found Zhous rental house, confirmed the location! Zhous rental apartment belongs to a large bay. If Zhou is absent, once he rushes in, his actions leak out and his previous achievements are discarded. Lu Likai is a policeman who follows Zhou every day. He judges that Zhou was likely to rest at home at that time according to his working and resting time. We all agreed that we should do it! _________.

At 6:06 a.m. Beijing time, the police will be captured by Zhou Mou, who fled for nearly a year.

Its better to go home.

The flight from Yunnan to Hangzhou slowly landed at Xiaoshan Airport. Zhou Mou knew he had returned home and sighed a long sigh. Zhou told the police that he was afraid after the platform thunderstorm. Although the amount of fund-raising reached 189 million, he had little money under his control. After he quickly took part of the cash, he called his staff Wang Mou to take his place and prepared to flee abroad.

Before fleeing, Zhou Mou heard that it was very convenient to smuggle from Ruili to Myanmar, and Myanmar was close to China. If the domestic situation was good, he would like to return to Myanmar and surrender. When the police took him aboard the plane returning home, he sighed, It should be the last time in his life to fly.

Zhous mood has always been complicated about going home. He said he knew the situation at home and dared not return, but life in Myanmar was described as comparable to jail in his words. He cant get used to local food. The most common food he eats is barbecue with rice. In less than a year in Myanmar, he lost more than 20 kilograms.

Lu Likai, a police officer, invited him to eat a meal at the airport in his hometown of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. He said that it was the best meal he had eaten in the past year. Back in Hangzhou, he sighed that he had not seen such a prosperous place for a long time.

Until 4 a.m. on May 10, the police returned Zhou to Hangzhou. Four special police squatted in the border area of Yunnan and Myanmar for more than 20 days, pursuing more than 10,000 kilometers across provinces.

At present, the case is under further review.

Always adhere to the attitude of zero tolerance and severe attack

It is understood that since this year, the Hangzhou Binjiang Police attaches great importance to the work of pursuing and arresting online loan cases. The Binjiang District Public Security Bureau has set up a special class for dealing with online loan risks to set up a pursuit team, continuously conduct in-depth investigation and judgment, establish a clue incentive mechanism, issue reward announcements, and simultaneously carry out international cooperation and Hong Tong handling of fleeing overseas personnel. Police cooperation, visits, investigation, control and all-round implementation of various measures to pursue evasion. Xu Mouyuan, the person involved in the Qilan case who absconded from Cuba, and Hu Mou, the actual controller of the Jinmimi platform, were arrested successively. Lu Mouyuan, Cai Mouyuan, the real accuser of Jinchubao, and other executives and financial personnel were on the platform to investigate and promote assets smoothly for the case. Investigation and control laid a favorable foundation.

Up to now, the Binjiang police have captured 111 suspects involved in online platform cases, investigating and prosecuting funds of 232 million yuan, supervising the platform to pay funds of 183 million yuan, and recovering losses of more than 1.1 billion yuan.

Network lending risk management is not a temporary battle, but a long-term and arduous struggle against criminals. Xu Guohong, Executive Deputy Director of Binjiang District Public Security Bureau, said.

Hangzhou police, through holding this news briefing, strictly warned the fugitives of relevant online lending platforms not to take chances. Whether in the far corners of the earth, inside or outside China, the public security organs will hold the conviction of victory, persevere and persevere in pursuit, hoping that the relevant personnel will have a clear understanding, surrender at an early date, and strive for lenient treatment. At the same time, the broad masses of the people are also invited to raise their awareness of prevention, resist the temptation of high-interest fund-raising, and rationally choose investment and financial management channels. The public security organs will always adhere to the attitude of zero tolerance and severe crackdown on illegal network lending activities that endanger the property safety of the people, and make every effort to carry out the work of recovering stolen goods and dealing with cases.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Li Wan_B11284