Doctor suspected of blindness caused by hyaluronic acid beating was sentenced

 Doctor suspected of blindness caused by hyaluronic acid beating was sentenced

Song Jing, 23, went to informal institutions to inject hyaluronic acid to fill her forehead. As a result, she developed symptoms of central retinal artery occlusion in her left eye, which eventually led to blindness in her left eye.

On May 14, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily was informed that the Changping Court in Beijing had handed down a trial judgment on the case.

Headache, dizziness, vomiting after a hyaluronic acid injection

On November 12, 2017, Song Jing, accompanied by her friend Xiao Xue, went to a community in Changping, Beijing to find Zhao Qi to inject hyaluronic acid.

Its neither a beauty salon nor a medical institution. Its supposed to be a place to live, but theres a beauty bed in the room. Xiao Xue recalled that Song Jing came to Zhao Qi to fill her forehead with hyaluronic acid she didnt know where to buy.

After applying the anesthetic, Zhao Qi began to inject, Before the injection was finished, Song Jing called for a headache on her left side and could not see clearly in her left eye. It was all white. Xiao Xue said that after seeing Song Jing vomit twice, she immediately sent her to the hospital for treatment and informed her parents.

Xiao Xue said that after arriving at the hospital, doctors initially diagnosed Song Jing as possibly caused by blocking blood vessels by injecting hyaluronic acid into the forehead. In the evening, Zhao Qi came to the hospital and sent Song Jing a lysozyme, which she never saw again.

On the same day, Song Jing underwent a whole cerebral artery angiography plus ophthalmic artery thrombolysis, carotid artery angiography and large artery angiography. After hospital diagnosis, she suffered from central retinal artery occlusion in the left eye caused by hyaluronic acid injection, and left eye visual impairment has reached blindness. Then Song Jings father went to the public security organs to report the case and reported Zhao Qis illegal medical practice.

According to the police investigation, it was found that the Ewan hyaluronic acid injected by Song Jing belonged to the third kind of medical device in the wronged medical device registration certificate, and was not produced by the company listed on the package.

Shopkeepers recommend ways to buy to remind victims: remember to save some for me

Song Jing told the police that it was a teacher introduced by Zhao Qi who told her where to sell hyaluronic acid. Then Song Jing added a Wechat to the teacher who sold hyaluronic acid. Zhao Qi also asked me to buy more, leaving the rest to her, and then she beat others. So Song Jing bought six at once.

Half way through, I felt uncomfortable and my eyes were blurred, but when she said it was all right, she gave me two drops of eyedrops. After Song Jing said, Zhao Qi called her teacher and said it was a normal phenomenon.

On November 13 of the same year, Zhao Qi was summoned to the case. According to her confession, she did not know where the hyaluronic acid in Song Jings hands came from. She managed the skin management in the rented community. The shop did not register with the business, nor did it have a health permit. The fees for skin management ranged from tens to hundreds of yuan each time. She took the initiative to send a message to herself and brought me a bag of hyaluronic acid to help fill my forehead, because they were all friends, so they also confiscated money.

Zhao Qi said that she had studied in a beauty training institute in Fengtai in 2015 for two months. She did not know whether the medicine was true or not, nor did she have a doctors qualification certificate. She only knew that she was injecting into subcutaneous tissue. If she made a mistake, she would have thrombus and nausea and dizziness. I called my friends several times, but it never happened. I didnt know what to do at that time. Zhao Qi said that at that time, some people in the store had made a reservation to do nursing, but they did not go to the hospital with them, and they did not have much contact with Song Jing since then.

According to prosecution charges, at about 17:00 on November 12, 2017, Zhao Qi injected Songji with hyaluronic acid needle in the forehead in a residential area of Changping District, Beijing, without qualifications as a doctor, resulting in the symptoms of central retinal artery occlusion in the left eye and left blindness. According to the judicial appraisal, Song Jings left eye blindly damaged the consequences of constituting a grade 8 disability.

On October 11, 2018, Zhao Qi went to Changping Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau to submit her case. According to the public prosecution organ, Zhao Qis illegal practice of medicine should be investigated for criminal responsibility.

During the court hearing, Zhao Qi had no objection to the charges of prosecution, but argued that the injection of hyaluronic acid was not the main cause of visual impairment in Song Jings left eye.

Shopkeeper: Shes also responsible for asking me to give an injection.

Zhao Qis defender said that in the appraisal opinions, the main role of the cause and force of injecting hyaluronic acid to damage consequences was clearly insufficient. Zhao Qis medical equipment was carried by the other party by herself. Zhao Qi did not mention the issue of charging any fees, because of the motive of friends to help, but also belonged to the first offender. It voluntarily compensated Song Jing for the reasonable losses caused by her own actions, so as to make up for the damage caused by her actions to the greatest extent. And Zhao Qi waited on the spot after she learned that others had reported the case, accepted the investigation of the public security organs on her own initiative, and confessed truthfully, which belonged to the plot of surrender. And Song Jing also had some mistakes in the process of the accident, and should also bear part of the responsibility. To sum up, it is suggested that the suspended sentence should be applied if the punishment is lenient.

After court hearing, it was found that Zhao Qi was engaged in medical and cosmetic activities in a residential area of Changping District, Beijing, at about 17:00 on November 12, 2017, without obtaining the Medical Qualification Certificate and Medical Practice Certificate. He injected hyaluronic acid needle into Song Jings forehead, which resulted in the symptoms of central retinal artery occlusion in her left eye. Now, the visual impairment of her left eye has reached blindness. According to the identification, Song Jings degree of injury was the second grade of severe injury, and the left eye dysfunction constituted the eighth grade of disability.

During the trial, Zhao Qi paid 80,000 yuan in compensation in advance to the court.

The court held that Zhao Qi had not obtained the qualification of practicing medicine illegally, the circumstances were serious, and her actions constituted the crime of practicing medicine illegally and should be punished according to law.

After verification, Zhao Qi only speculated subjectively that the public security organ might investigate the place where the case occurred, and did not actually take the initiative to surrender, nor did she know clearly that the public security organ would arrest him before November 13, 2017, so it was not appropriate to identify him as having the circumstances of surrender. Zhao Qi has fault in the process of injecting hyaluronic acid, and is mainly responsible for the damage of Song Jing. Although Song Jing voluntarily asked Zhao Qi to inject hyaluronic acid for her, this behavior is not a fault in the sense of criminal law, and whether profit is a constituent element of the crime of illegally practicing medicine.

In view of Zhao Qis ability to truthfully confess the main facts of the crime, he voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, and paid 80,000 yuan in advance to the court for a lighter punishment.

On March 13, 2019, Zhao Qi was sentenced by Changping Court to one year and nine monthsimprisonment and a fine of 5000 yuan for illegally practicing medicine.

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