American businessman Jays is accused of overwhelming Swiss towns with 10,000 Chinese members involved in pyramid marketing.

 American businessman Jays is accused of overwhelming Swiss towns with 10,000 Chinese members involved in pyramid marketing.

On May 12, local time, Swiss media also reported the news that Jeunesse Global, a direct-selling company, organized 12,000 Chinese employees on a six-day trip to Switzerland, the largest group ever to visit Switzerland.

Chinese dealers from Jays took a group photo in Switzerland. Photo Source / 20 Minuten

According to reports, the 12,000-person tour group will visit the Rhine Falls, the Ale River Canyon, Mount Tilles, Lake Lucerne in batches within six days, as well as Bern, Zurich and other cities. It is estimated that the cost of hotels, restaurants, transportation and scenic spots for Chinese tour groups will be as high as 14 million Swiss francs (about 95.465 million yuan), excluding the cost of flights.

The traditional Chinese sign Swiss Peak Award for Tourism 2019 is widely seen in Switzerland these days. Photo Source / 20 Minuten

The most influential Swiss newspaper, Neue Zyurcher Zeitung, said that on the morning of May 11, the first members of the tour group had appeared in scenic spots such as the Rhine Falls and Mount Tilles, where they went, and the order was maintained by special police officers. Because there are so many people, they have to go to cafes and restaurants in batches.

The Chinese distributor tour group organized by Jiesi Company took a picture with the banner of Guangzong Yaozu & Rising Step by Step. Photo Source / 20 Minuten

Switzerlands 20 Minuten newspaper reported that 4,000 tourists from the group came to Lucerne in central Switzerland. To this end, the city with a population of less than 80,000 has arranged 95 bus tourists.

Buses lined up in Switzerland to receive Chinese tourists. Photo Source / 20 Minuten

Jesss high-profile trip reminds the monkey of his trip to France in 2015. From May 6 to 9, 2015, Tianshi Group, a health product direct selling company from Tianjin, took about 6400 employees on a four-day luxury tour in France to celebrate its 20th anniversary. At that time, mainstream European media, including the French Parisian, the British Guardian and Reuters, paid attention to the matter.

In 2015, Tianshi dealers traveled in Nice, France

So, what kind of direct selling company is Jasper? Why can we organize 12,000 Chinese people to travel to Switzerland with such heroism?

US Direct Selling Black Horse Founded Only 10 Years ago

Compared with Tianshi in China, Jiesi is a young direct selling company, founded in Orlando, Florida, USA in 2009.

The United States is the headquarters of direct marketing companies. Most of the well-known direct marketing brands in China started in the United States, but the popularity of this rising star is not high in the United States. Many Americans have noticed that Jess may have spent thousands of dollars in 2016, when news reports about the mysterious rich who bought a luxury home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, for $16 million (about 110 million yuan). Only after digging deep into the American media did they discover that the buyer was a low-key couple from Orlando, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

The couple had never been known before, and the media continued to dig deep and learned that they were the founders of Jasper Company. Before the company was founded in 2009, Randy Ray was just a salesman, while Wendy Lewis was a math teacher. In just seven years, the two men jumped from the middle of the town to the new nobility of the first-tier cities, which shows Jaysability to absorb gold.

The question is, why does Jasper make so much money?

First of all, lets talk about Jaspers products. In fact, many Americans are big brothers, so the name of the company also likes Yang Da Shang. Jeuness means youth in French, and the company started with anti-aging products.

As the little monkey said just now, Randy Ray is a salesman, and he is very successful in this respect. Before Jess was founded, he sold a $2 capsule everywhere, claiming that adding it to the tank would increase the MPG of the car (miles per gallon of gasoline), similar to the fuel treasure of the domestic gas station, you know.

In 2009, Randy Ray found Dr. Nathan Newman of Beverly Hills, who developed a series of anti-aging skin care products with stem cells. Then Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis mass-produced the product series, which was named Luminesce, and then began to sell it directly with multi-tier payment. Janes was born.

Although MLM is not allowed in China, it is legal in the United States, which is the main reason why MLM can grow rapidly.

_Different direct selling companies, salesmen can ultimately get the proportion of remuneration from product sales?

According to American media reports in 2016, Jess is the fastest growing direct selling company in the United States, with a growth rate of more than 811% for three consecutive years. Its sales in one month are as high as 120 million US dollars (about 825 million RMB). In 2010, its global sales are only 30 million US dollars (about 206 million RMB), and in 2015, it will reach 1 billion US dollars (about 6.875 billion RMB).

There is no direct selling license in China and it has been exposed by the media for many times.

According to Glimpse, Switzerlands largest circulation newspaper, Jess is currently active in more than 140 countries and regions. Its business is also highly controversial, and the lack of independent reliable quality assurance information for health products sold by consumers has forced them to take risks - which is also a common problem of many direct selling companies.

So why did Jess organize 12,000 Chinese dealers to travel to Switzerland? Little monkeys found that Jaspers official website provides two languages - English and traditional Chinese, which shows the importance of Greater China to the company. Wool comes from sheep. Greater China is Jaces gold mine. Although there is no direct license in China, the Chinese people who pay more and more attention to anti-aging and health care are more superstitious about foreign products, even though the price is staggering.

In fact, over the past few years, the issue of Jess has been repeatedly exposed by the media in China.

According to the report of Xinhua Viewpoint in March 2016, What is behind theGoddesscreated by theNobel Prize Teamof microbusinessmen? u2014u2014 Jasper Products Survey, which refers to the Jasper Spring Essence promoted in the domestic market, claims to be able to treat 31 diseases. Resveratrol, the core ingredient, has been blown to the skies.

In fact, the effect of resveratrol on human body is still in the research stage. Whether resveratrol has a positive effect on human health, through which way to play a role, whether there are side effects and so on have not been decided yet. Not to mention that it is effective against a particular disease, nor does it have any anti-inflammatory effect at all.

It is worth noting that a person named Vincent Giampapa will be mentioned in the use group of Jies products. He will be called the consultant of Jies Global Group Medical Team. He won the Nobel Prize nomination in 2014 and served as a full-time nutrition consultant of NASA. He will be deeply bound to Jies products.

However, this information was not available on the official website of the Nobel Prize, and staff members responded that nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine were strictly confidential within 50 years and would not be disclosed publicly.

In March 2019, the interface news Peiquan Essence at the Beginning and Multinational Marketing under the American Merchant JaspersClothesmentioned that another main product of Jaspers brandAM&PMwas emphasized on the so-calledcell repair, which said thatthrough the Nobel Prize telomere repair technology, the repair of cell chromosome telomeres can effectively delay the aging phenomenon. This statement is also obviously exaggerated propaganda.

According to the Health Times, TruthinAdvertising (TINA), a non-profit organization that specializes in disclosing false advertisements in the United States, conducted a detailed investigation on Janes in April 2017. It counted 12 major crimes, including more than 100 cases of exaggerated propaganda by Janes dealers, comparisons of suspicious products before and after use, confusing product prices and consumer complaints. In July 2016, Jess encountered a class action case involving more than 100 Chinese in California in the United States, accusing Jess of cheating Chinese immigrants in the United States, encouraging them to organize illegal pyramid selling agencies in China to sell Jess products to relatives and friends in China. Products enter the mainland of China through Hong Kong and other channels to avoid the supervision of Chinas industrial and commercial departments and customs.

Well, speaking of this, you should understand why Jays rewarded so many Chinese people to travel to Switzerland.

Source: Responsible Editor of Xinmin Evening News: Youyuan Garden_NO4712