Ajax fans were shocked to see De Jong off! The girlfriend couldnt help being rude.

 Ajax fans were shocked to see De Jong off! The girlfriend couldnt help being rude.

Ajax scored the same points as the championship rival Eindhoven before the tournament. Less than a minute after the game started, the visiting team took the lead in scoring, but veteran Huntelaar equalized in the 14th minute and Van der Beck scored in the first half of stoppage time. Tadic scored twice in the second half and Ajax won 4-1 at home. Eindhoven lost 0-1 away to Alkmar in this tournament, and Ajax won the championship.

The Dutch League champion also became the best farewell gift for Ajax midfielder De Jong, who turned 22 on the day of the match. De Jong has done well this season, helping the Ajax midfielder to reach the Champions League semi-finals and win the league and Dutch Cup double. De Jong has previously signed with Spanish giants Barcelona, which is De Jongs last home game in Ajax.

However, there are also some Ajax fans who are not satisfied with De Jongs departure and think that his poor performance in the previous Champions League semi-final against Spurs led to Ajaxs failure to qualify for the final. After Ajax won, most of the home fans shouted De Jongs name goodbye.

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De Jong bid farewell to Ajax (source: Netease Sports)

De Jongs girlfriend Mickey Kimeni was also watching the battle. She was apparently shocked by the scene. She couldnt help blurting out, What the fuck is going on! (Whatthefuck), De Jong himself said. We played a great season, but the wound we lost to Spurs is still not healing.

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