Jingdong Logistics 376 million Investment Xinning Logistics Plan Control Vehicles Over 2 million

 Jingdong Logistics 376 million Investment Xinning Logistics Plan Control Vehicles Over 2 million

It is reported that Beijing-East Logistics and Xinning Logistics reached strategic cooperation in October last year. Over the past six months, the two sides have begun to land in supply chain integration, intelligent logistics, unmanned technology and other fields. In February this year, Beijing-East Logistics exported technology and cost-effective industry solutions in unmanned warehouse, providing support and cooperation for Suzhou Xinning Intelligent Technology Reform Project, and helping Xinning Logistics Intelligent Warehousing Service upgrade.

Beijing Dongfang said that the two sides will further integrate industrial advantages and resources, starting with the scenario, integrate a variety of IOT sensing and network technologies, build a large data platform of vehicle/freight network, and realize vehicle/vehicle, goods/goods management. Through the algorithm, the resource matching will be strengthened, so as to ultimately achieve the efficiency improvement and cost optimization of logistics scenario.

Data show that Xinning Logistics is a comprehensive logistics group, the first GEM listed in 2009, the stock code 300013. At first, the company took the storage of bonded goods for import and export of electronic components and the warehousing of temporary goods for foreign investors as its core business, and gradually extended to many other industries, such as electronic information industry, 3C, household appliances, consumer goods, etc., to provide integrated supply chain services such as the supply of raw materials, procurement and production links. In 2015, the company acquired Guangzhou Yicheng Traffic Information Co., Ltd. (Yicheng Information Co., Ltd.) and gradually expanded its business to vehicle networking, as well as new energy car rental, cross-border e-commerce, household appliances supply chain, chemical logistics and other fields. At present, billions of miles of information links more than 1 million vehicles through self-owned cloud platforms and cooperative management platforms.

The first quarter of 2019 financial report just released shows that the investment in technology R&D in Jingdong continues to maintain a high growth trend, reaching 3.7 billion yuan, an increase of 54% over the same period last year. Beijing Dongfang said that in 2019, in addition to expanding the continuous innovation and application of unmanned science and technology, Beijing Dongfang Logistics will focus on 5G technology application innovation and rapid layout of IoT application. At the same time, based on the precipitation of technological capabilities, it will strengthen platform capacity building and export logistics technology that has been proved by practice. (Orange)