Reporters predicted that the US military would be forced to return to World War II.

 Reporters predicted that the US military would be forced to return to World War II.

Reference News Network reported on May 13 that Jim Hutto, a CNN journalist, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that in May 2014, the United States Army Joint Interdepartmental Space Action Center in California noticed an unusual event: a Russian rocket launched a communications satellite into space with several objects initially thought to be ordinary space junk. A few weeks later, however, it was discovered that part of the space junk suddenly began to move.

According to the article, after several days of tracking, the U.S. military found that the suspected objects had approached the upper stage of the separated rocket 11 times. This space dance can only be achieved if the object is equipped with an orbital engine and has enough fuel. This is a necessary condition for the so-called satellite kamikaze death squad (also known as killer satellite) to work, they can approach the satellite and launch attacks.

Although U.S. President Trumps statement on the establishment of a space force was laughed at by American comedians, Hutto admitted: Trump is right in some ways. U.S. military commanders take the need to deal with new threats to space very seriously. The United States should be prepared for the war, whether it is the space army or the space command, which has apparently burned into space.

The article points out that the US military has repeatedly simulated space war scripts, assuming that space attacks may precede large-scale ground wars such as cyber warfare and nuclear warfare. Even limited space warfare can have catastrophic consequences, because many modern technologies rely too much on satellites.

Space warfare is likely to be accompanied by cyber attacks across the United States. Television, Internet and ATM will not work. At first glance, this is more like a common technical failure, in fact, the front has already extended from cyberspace to space.

DATA PICTURE: On-orbit operation effect of US GPS navigation satellite. (Pictures come from the Internet)

DATA PICTURE: The Russian Armys ground-based Pereswitt laser weapon system is said to be used in anti-satellite warfare. (Pictures come from the Internet)

According to the article, enemy ground-based lasers will attack US LEO communication satellites. Anti-satellite missiles launched by enemy warships and aircraft will destroy the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. The Killer Satellite is responsible for eliminating U.S. reconnaissance satellites and missile early warning satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Such a large-scale attack would generate large amounts of satellite debris, rendering Earth orbit unusable for many years.

The paper considers that the consequences of the loss of satellites are extremely serious. Financial markets that rely on GPS military satellites will be paralysed. The Internet was cut off. All stock market and financial transactions will come to a standstill because credit cards are no longer available. Signal lights using GPS data will display red lights by default, resulting in traffic paralysis. The plane will not be able to fly properly because the pilot cant locate it. U.S. government officials have to consider a state of emergency.

Space warfare will not only make ordinary peoples lives a mess, but also make the army, which relies heavily on modern weapons, ineffective. William Shelton, former commander of the US Air Force Space Command, said: We will return to the way we fought in World War II. Both UAVs and all-weather high-precision guided weapons are inseparable from satellites. Now, we can launch attacks at any time, anywhere and in any weather. This capability will be lost (once the satellite is destroyed).

DATA PICTURE: Most of the precision guided weapons in active service of the US Air Force rely on GPS satellite guidance, such as the JASSM stealth cruise missile in the picture.

According to the article, weaker enemies than the United States can quickly recover their weaknesses in space. Without GPS, the United States would not be able to attack Syrias Islamic extremist groups with armed drones. US cruise missiles and smart bombs will fail to hit targets accurately, and warships, Marines and fighter pilots will only be able to retrieve traditional maps and radio stations.

In response to space threats, the United States is developing military satellites with new defense systems, including shields against kinetic weapons. These satellites will improve orbital maneuverability to avoid any adverse effects. Meanwhile, U.S. commanders are considering launching space defense satellites to protect important spacecraft, like destroyers to protect aircraft carriers.

Hutto wrote: The United States also has to answer a series of pressing questions in the field of space warfare doctrine. Will the United States develop and launch its own space weapons? Will it be a deterrent or a fuse of an arms race in space? Can the United States find a way to protect its satellites without using offensive weapons? Before the United States embarks on building a stronger space force, it may become a reality to defeat its enemies.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023