Iranian Navy Commander: The U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf is over

 Iranian Navy Commander: The U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf is over

CCTV News: The U.S. Defense Department said in a statement on October 10 that, in addition to the Lincoln carrier battle group and the B-52 strategic bomber, the U.S. military will deploy an amphibious attack ship and a Patriot anti-missile system to the Middle East to deal with the so-called Iranian threat. Regarding the recent frequent military pressure from the United States, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Irans most elite armed force, Hussein Salami, pointed out on the 12th that this was only a psychological war launched by the United States.

Salami addressed the Iranian parliament on December 12. Salami believes that the recent announcement by the United States of increasing its military deployment to the Middle East is merely a psychological war, because the U.S. military forces in the Middle East come and go, go and come is a normal in nature.

Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officers: Threats Become Opportunities

According to the Iranian Student News Agency, the commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Air Force, Hajizad, said in an interview on December 12 that the U.S. military presence in the Middle East has changed from a threat to an opportunity.

Hajizad said that a U.S. aircraft carrier with at least four or fifty planes and more than 6,000 people was a serious threat to Iran in the past, but now Iranian missiles can easily target American aircraft carriers from 300 to 700 kilometers away. If the United States takes concrete military action, Iran will give the United States a fatal blow.

Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officer: The U.S. Army Must Go

Iranian Navy Commander Hussein Hanzadi also said on the same day that U.S. military forces must leave. The U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf has come to an end, and they have to leave the region, he said.

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