Russian SSJ-100 Airliner Recurrent Emergency 5 Day Accident Caused 41 Deaths

 Russian SSJ-100 Airliner Recurrent Emergency 5 Day Accident Caused 41 Deaths

Sohoi Super 100 Airliner Information Map (Source: Russian News Agency)

Overseas Network, May 13 - Russia Sukhoi Super 100 (SSJ-100) passenger aircraft fire on the 5th of this month, the safety performance of passenger aircraft has attracted much attention. Two more SSJ-100 passenger planes emerged from the night of 12 to the morning of 13 local time in Moscow.

A Russian Airlines SSJ-100 plane suddenly returned to the airport of take-off (source: Flightradar screenshot)

According to the Flightradar data, a Russian International Airlines SJ-100 passenger plane flew from Moscow to Samara took off at about 2:00 a.m. local time on the 13th, and returned to Moscows Sheremetevo Airport in an emergency manner, the newspaper reported on the 13th. Neither the airport nor the airline explained the cause of the incident.

In the early morning of the 13th, a Russian Azimuth SSJ-100 passenger plane had to be replaced for passengers due to technical problems. According to the Russian news agency, a spokesman for the airline said that a SSJ-100 passenger plane, which was supposed to fly from Krasnodar to Chelyabinsk at 22:50 p.m. on the 12th, had temporarily replaced another passenger of the same type for 93 passengers on board due to technical reasons. The flight was delayed by 90 minutes.

Russian news agency said that Russian people were particularly concerned about the safety of the SSJ-100 aircraft after a fire broke out at Moscows Sheremetevo Airport on May 5. Russian aviation experts on the 12th to the Moscow Communist Youth League analysis said that after the disaster at Sheremetevo airport, it is necessary to stop the flight of SSJ-100 passenger aircraft. Experts believe that after any plane crash, the aviation authorities will usually suspend the operation of the model aircraft until the cause of the incident is finally identified. This applies to military and civil aviation. Only in the special case of pilotsobvious errors, can the aircraft not be grounded.

Russian International Airlines flight number SU1492 of the SSJ-100 aircraft 5 in Moscow Sheremetevo Airport after a fire, resulting in 41 deaths. Russian Transport Minister Yevgeni Dietrich told the media after the incident that the normal operation of the SSJ-100 will not be suspended at present. The SSJ-100 is developed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company of Russia. Russian International Airlines has more than 50 of these passenger planes, most of which fly domestic routes in Russia and international routes in Eastern Europe.

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