Former CEO Liu Yu set up company Hu Weiwei as supervisor

 Former CEO Liu Yu set up company Hu Weiwei as supervisor

Hu Weiwei.

New Beijing News (reporter Chen Weicheng) Mobai bicycle team members have new developments. On May 13, business information showed that Shanghai Kaorui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established on May 9, 2019. The legal representative was Liu Yu, former CEO of Mobai bicycle, and Hu Weiwei, founder of Mobai bicycle, served as supervisor. Business scope includes technology development and other business in the field of computer software science and technology.

According to business information, Shanghai Kaorui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established on May 9, with Liu Yu as its legal representative and Hu Weiwei as its supervisor. The company has a registered capital of $10 million and a 100% stake in corymbial limited.

The companys business scope includes technology development, technical consultation, technical services, transfer of proprietary technology in the field of computer software science and technology, computer software development, industrial product design, computer system integration, business management consultation, economic and trade consultation, conference services, cultural and artistic exchange and planning; wholesale, entry and exit of computers, software and auxiliary equipment, electronic products. It also provides related supporting services.

This is the first time that Liu Yu and Hu Weiwei appeared in the same company after they left Mobai bicycle.

In January 2015, Hu Weiwei, who has been engaged in the media industry for many years, set up Beijing Mobai Technology Co., Ltd. and Mobai bicycle once became a star company. However, rapid expansion and frantic money burning make it difficult for the shared bicycle industry to continue. On April 4, 2018, the United States Mission and Mobai jointly announced the signing of an agreement to buy Mobai wholly by the United States Mission, and indicated that the management team would remain unchanged.

Later, on April 28, Chairman Wang Xing and founder Hu Weiwei of Mobai announced the new organizational restructuring through an internal letter. After the restructuring, founder Hu Weiwei will be CEO of Mobai, and Liu Yu will be appointed President of Mobai. He will report to CEO. The co-founder of Mobai and former CTO of Mobai Xia Yiping will be the head of the Intelligent Transportation Laboratory and Wang Huiwen, senior vice president of Mobai. Former CEO Wang Xiaofeng stepped down as a consultant.

On December 23, 2018, Hu Weiwei, the founder of Mobai bicycle, announced that he had resigned as CEO of Mobai bicycle for personal reasons and that Liu Yu, president of the company, would take over as CEO. In the eight months since the acquisition of Mobai by the American Corps, I have accomplished a phased mission, he said.

For future plans, Hu Weiwei said in an internal letter, The transformation of the travel industry is only a rudimentary stage, and there is still much to be done in the future, so I will still invest my time and energy in this field to start a business, which is a slow and patiently area.

Since then, the enterprise survey shows that on December 29, 2018, WKUP single-owner company Shanghai Wukm Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has business change information, new shareholder Beijing Mobai Technology Co., Ltd., new director Hu Weiwei. The company operates WKUP city bicycles, and its legal representative and chairman, Gao Shusan, are Mobai Design Directors.

Thereafter, Mobai completed its beautification. On January 23, Wang Huiwen, the co-founder and senior vice president of the American Regiment, issued an internal letter announcing that Mobai has fully accessed the American Regiment APP. Mobai bicycle will become the LBS platform bicycle business department of the American Regiment, and he himself will also be the general manager of the business department. In order to facilitate communication, students from Mobais Beijing offices will move to the headquarters of the United States Mission at the end of February.

Liu Yuyu, who joined Mobai for nine months, left the company as president and CEO of Mobai Bicycle because of his entrepreneurship. The establishment of Shanghai Kaorui Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. may be Liu Yus next stop.

Xu Chao, editor of Chen Weicheng, Beijing News, proofread Liu Baoqing

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056