After Baoding 20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu was found to be illegal, villagers should sign a commitment letter?

 After Baoding 20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu was found to be illegal, villagers should sign a commitment letter?

According to Voice of China, Voice of China has been concerned about the 20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu incident in Xushui District, Baoding, Hebei Province, and has made new progress. In the process of land acquisition and storage, some villagers in Xushui District questioned the legality of land storage and said that there was a phenomenon of forced signature. In response to the problems reflected in the report, the General Office of the Hebei Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government recently issued a circular: after verification, Xushui District violated the Land Management Law and the Land Reserve Management Measures to implement land storage and land transfer in violation of the Land Contract Law.

After the announcement was issued, some villagers in Xushui District reported to China Voice that some villages began to organize the refund of land expropriation compensation, while some villages asked villagers to sign supplementary agreements. If not, it might affect the issuance of old-age insurance. So how will the phenomenon of 20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu be rectified? How to solve the following problems?

20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu is storage or circulation? Xushui District of Baoding was found to be illegally expropriated land

In October last year, the government of Xushui District of Baoding City issued five land storage announcements a day, saying that the cultivated land of 17 villages will be stored in one month, including five villages in the control area around Xiongan New District. It is understood that the purpose of storage is to build botanical gardens, small and medium-sized enterprise gardens, Huaxun Tiangu and other projects. However, in the process of collection and storage, some villagers questioned the legality of collection and storage of land and said that there was a phenomenon of forced signature.

Villagers told Voice of China reporter: If you dont want to, you can get it. If you dont, you can get it. If you dont sell it, you cant.

In response to the practice of land collection and storage is actually land expropriation in Xushui District, the Baoding Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning said that as a municipal land management department, Xushui District had no knowledge of such a large area of expropriation of land. A land expropriation breaking through the current land management laws and regulations has also caused some controversy.

Voice of China reporter survey found that although the local government issued a land storage announcement, but the actual operation is land expropriation or land transfer. The concepts of land collection, storage, expropriation and circulation are totally different, involving different procedures and ranges. Land collection and storage is acquired by the government according to legal procedures, using market mechanism, according to the general land use planning and urban planning, through acquisition, repurchase, replacement and requisition. Land expropriation refers to the need of the state for the public interest. According to the procedure and authority of approval stipulated by law, after giving compensation to rural collective economic organizations and farmers according to law, the act of transforming collectively owned land of farmers into state-owned land; land transfer refers to the transfer of the right to use and does not involve ownership.

Regarding the announcement of storage, Li Zhiyong, governor of Xushui District Government, previously responded that:

Strictly speaking, we do not call land storage, but in fact, land consolidation or land transfer by village collectives. Strictly speaking, it has not reached the level of land storage yet. The government collects and stores mature land, complete procedures and construction land. In this case, we can collect and store. The land we are transferring is all within the scope of urban planning areas. From the planning purposes, there are roads, parks and some development land, which is very normal, such as this. Planning is business or residential, which will be levied in the future.

But according to a survey by Voice of China, some villagers have signed compensation agreements for land expropriation and others have signed land transfer agreements. What is the nature of 20-day land expropriation of 10,000 mu? It seems that farmers, village collectives and the relevant departments in the district are not clear.

As for the problems reflected in the report, the relevant departments of Hebei Province recently issued the latest survey results: after verification, Xushui District violated the land management law and the land reserve management measures to implement land storage and land transfer in violation of the land contract law.

According to the facts of investigation and relevant regulations, and with the approval of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Government, it was decided that the relevant responsible units and persons should be seriously accountable, and that Baoding Municipal Committee and Municipal Government should make in-depth inspections to the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and that the Xushui District Committee and the district government of Baoding should make in-depth inspections to the Baoding Municipal Committee and the municipal government.

In addition, Hebei Province has also dealt with the illegal construction of land collection and storage in some counties (districts) of Baoding City. Among them, Zhang Zhikui, deputy mayor of Baoding City, is responsible for land and resources, urban and rural planning and construction management, and fails to perform his duties correctly. His department in charge does not give proper guidance and supervision to the work of his subordinates. As a result, problems such as illegal land storage and illegal construction in Xushui District, Mancheng District and Laishui County have not been rectified in time and given warning and punishment within the Party.

Su Shufeng, Secretary of the Xushui District Committee of Baoding City, organized a meeting of the Standing Committee of the District Committee to study and decide to carry out land storage work in violation of the regulations, causing adverse effects and giving warning and punishment within the Party. The other responsible units and persons involved shall be dealt with by the Supervision Committee of the Discipline Commission of Baoding City in accordance with the rules and regulations and in accordance with the law in accordance with the administrative authority of cadres.

The circular also said that Xushui District of Baoding City had annulled the land storage announcement, implementation plan and land acquisition agreement issued, and that the illegal construction and sale of real estate projects around the district had been punished and rectified according to law. It seems that the curtain has come to an end.

Villagers said they were required to sign a commitment letter for voluntary return of contractual management rights of land

However, just yesterday, villagers in Xushui District reported to Voice of China that they were asked to sign compensation agreements or new promises.

A villager sent a letter of commitment to the Voice of China on the voluntary return of land contractual management rights, which was printed uniformly: Because our family has a stable source of income and no longer relies on the income of the contracted land, we voluntarily return the land contractual management rights to the villagerscommittee:

If you dont sign, you wont get old-age insurance. Anyway, in all kinds of names.

The director of the village committee of another village sent a supplementary agreement on the Land Rental Agreement stamped with the official seal of the town government to the journalists, amending some of the contents of the previous agreement, including Party A () enjoys the right to use, operate and benefit the land under the agreement during the period of land rental, uses it according to law, and strictly manages it; and during the period of land requisition, it encounters state requisition; Party B agrees that Party A shall deduct the land expropriation compensation fees at the request of relevant departments in respect of the land rental fees that Party A has paid for the unexpired land.

The supplementary agreement is stamped with the town governments stamp, and our old peasants do not know whether it is in the right place. When I looked at the previous land agreement, I didnt sign it. I said who I asked for land and who signed it for me. The government leaders said I didnt understand it.

How can follow-up issues be carried out within the framework of legitimate compliance? Yesterday, the reporter contacted the relevant departments in Xushui District, but no further response was received. Voice of China will continue to focus on follow-up rectification.


Source: Voice of China Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331