Media: Striking against immigrants in college entrance examination must make good use of canceling the repetition of school roll

 Media: Striking against immigrants in college entrance examination must make good use of canceling the repetition of school roll

Recently, Fuyuan School in Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, was questioned about the existence of college entrance examination immigrants. The relevant departments of Shenzhen recently confirmed that more than 10 students from Fuyuan School entered the second mode top 100 students from Hebei Hengshui middle school. At present, an investigation team has been set up in Shenzhen to investigate whether Fuyuan School has the problems of separation of nationality and immigrants for college entrance examination.

College Entrance Examination Immigrants disturb the normal order of education and affect the fairness of college entrance examination, which will undoubtedly hurt other candidates and families by crowding out other candidatesnormal college entrance opportunities through unfair competition. Therefore, only by severely punishing immigrants in college entrance examination can we safeguard the fairness of education. According to the relevant provisions of the education department, all those who have obtained their school status through fraud or favoritism should be cancelled once verified by the school, candidates who have obtained the examination qualification or admission qualification through false reporting, concealment or forgery, alteration of relevant materials and other fraudulent means, or because of the favouritism of admission staff or other personnel... If a student has been admitted or obtained, the college or university shall cancel his admission qualification or student registration and return it to the place where his residence registration is located. Therefore, in order to crack down on immigrants in college entrance examination, we must make good use of the abolition of the repetition of school rolls.

In addition to canceling the school roll, we should also strictly investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations. For example, to obtain the qualification of college entrance examination by means of abnormal household registration transfer, falsification of household registration, false certification materials and so on, as well as to shelter and connive the immigrants of college entrance examination and to deal with the relevant personnel and units who violate the regulations to register for the unqualified candidates, they should be dealt with and prosecuted in accordance with the law and discipline, and handed over to the judicial organs for handling the suspected crimes. This is also a warning to other parents. They should not ignore the rules, take risks and think that they are seamless, but they will eventually lose their childrens prospects, simply lifting stones and throwing them at their feet. And candidates should have the basic ability to distinguish right from wrong, take the college entrance exam steadily according to the rules, and take the college entrance exam with their true abilities, so that they can not gamble on their own lives.

Source: Responsible Editor of Peoples Court Newspaper: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331