Guo Taiming: If I am elected, 5-10 years will make cancer a chronic disease.

 Guo Taiming: If I am elected, 5-10 years will make cancer a chronic disease.

In a recent anti-cancer campaign, Guo Taiming said that if he wins the leadership election in the 2020 Taiwan region, he will turn cancer into a chronic disease within five to ten years and free Taiwanese from the fear of cancer.

Guo Taiming participated in the anti-cancer campaign taken by Lianhe Bao

According to Taiwans Economic Daily on May 11, at a local anti-cancer press conference, Guo Taiming said that if he wins the election, he will build Taiwan into a health care island. At the same time, he also said that Taiwan should establish a free trade zone for health services and sign a contract with the United States to jointly develop medical and health programs such as new drugs, testing and equipment so as to make Taiwan a platform for Chinese health.

Reported that the event demonstrated Guo Taimings determination to fight cancer. He also urged politics to serve health. Now people say that medical expenses are not enough and doctors are very hard. If he is elected, Taiwanese health will be one of theadministrativepriorities.

Guo Taiming said that the previous Taiwan authorities invested NT$440 billion (equivalent to 94.2 billion yuan) in light rail construction, but health care is also important and needs investment. No matter how rich, how senior, health is the most important thing, and people should be free from health threats.

He believed that Taiwan had successful experience and had good doctors and nurses. He hoped to combine them with Taiwan authorities to allocate funds and customize 5-10-year plans to turn breast cancer, leukemia, lung cancer and other cancers into chronic diseases like colds.

When it comes to cooperation with the United States, Mr. Guo seems confident. He said that after his election, he will definitely be able to introduce the American health investment community to Taiwan, sign health care agreements with the United States, and even jointly develop the park. He will build Taiwan into a platform by combining various programs such as innovative medical equipment, NEW drugs and testing in the United States.

Because Chinese genes are different from those of Europeans and Americans, Taiwan can be responsible for Chinese genetic testing and become an industry, which is our advantage. Guo then talked about what he called the Health Services Free Trade Zone, Free Trade Zone plus Taiwans free and democratic atmosphere, so that Chinese and patients outside Taiwan are willing to come to Taiwan, so that health expenditure can be eased, doctors can stay in Taiwan without going to the West.

Finally, Guo Taiming still remembers to compare with Cai Yingbi, Cai Yingbi said that she was half a businessman, I am a whole, I will certainly do better than her.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Observer Network: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541