The Little Overlord Game Team Disbanded? CEO Response: Its very sensitive now

 The Little Overlord Game Team Disbanded? CEO Response: Its very sensitive now

Little overlord has a lot of fun.

Familiar sentences, recipes in memory. It is believed that every childhood of the post-80s and post-90s generations has the traces of little overlord.

After years of silence, in April 2018, Little Overlord Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Little Overlord Company) announced a high-profile return to the game market.

Only a year later, news of the disbandment of the Little Overlord console project team came out.

Little overlord owes property company fees

Today (May 12), media reports said that people familiar with the situation disclosed that the team of Xiaobawang Game Machine Project had been disbanded on May 10, and Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch, which was directly responsible for the project, had been disbanded.

It has been more than a year since Little Overlord announced its return to the game console market. Nine months ago, Little Overlord released a game console.

According to the above media reports, employees of Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch said, May 10 is the last day of work. Due to the shortage of funds, the game hardware products released by Little Overlord could not be sold on the market, and the investors were pessimistic about the progress of the project, which has been unable to support the continued progress of the Little Overlord game console project.

Daily Economic News (nbdnews) reporters found that the official website of the mini-overlord Zplus game console has been unable to access normally.

According to Kaixinbao data, the Shanghai Branch of Zhongshan Xiaobawang Leading Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2016, and is in a state of survival. There are 39 employees participating in the Five Risks.

The companys official microblog @Little Overlord Game New Ecology was last updated on March 8. CEO Wu Songs personal microblog was last updated on February 10.

Today, nbdnews reporters came to No. 1045 Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch is on the third floor of the building.

Photo Source: Every Intern Zheng Jiezhao

However, the reporter found that the elevator leading to the third floor of the building had been locked. Security personnel told reporters that a few days ago, Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch also had employees to work. The elevator leading to the third floor was locked by the property company of the building, and the company would normally lock up when it did not go to work. Another security officer revealed that the elevator lock was due to Xiaobawang owes the property company money.

Reporters then called the building property Shanghai Huaihai International Plaza Property Management Co., Ltd., the company staff said that it was not clear whether the company had a debt dispute with Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch, its elevator lock belongs to the normal holiday lock.

Daily Economic News (micro-signal: nbdnews) reporter consulted the industrial and commercial information website and found that, as the defendant, Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch had a civil contract dispute with Shanghai Hongyi Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyi Real Estate). The case opened on April 23 this year.

According to Qixinbao, Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch moved to its present address from 288 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai on February 13 this year. No. 288 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai is the location of Hongyi Real Estate.

Daily economic news reporter calls Hongyi Home Estate, but so far the phone has not been connected. Subsequently, the reporter came to the location of Hongyi Real Estate, building security personnel said that Hongyi Real Estate is currently on vacation.

Photo Source: Every Intern Zheng Jiezhao

Meanwhile, Nbdnews also contacted Wu Song, the legal representative and head of Xiaobawang Shanghai Branch, to verify whether the Xiaobawang Gaming Machine project team had been demobilized.

Wu Song said that previous media reports had been false, the project is not what the media said. But when asked about the facts and the status quo of the project, Wu Song said, Now its very sensitive, I cant make any comments. Please wait for me for a while. Any presumptive media that publishes information at will is irresponsible at present.

Wu Song said he would not respond to a debt dispute with Shanghai Huaihai International Plaza Property Management Co., Ltd.

In addition, the reporter tried to call Zhongshan Xiaobawang Leading Technologies Co., Ltd. until the publication phone was not connected.

Shanzhai Create Little Overlord

For 80, 90 later said that the small overlord game console is absolutely the game enlightenment of childhood. In the early 1990s, computers just sprang up in China. In this transitional period from television to computer, something called learning machine came into being. Adding a computer keyboard and a computer learning card, connecting these things with TV, and making a display screen through TV, a set of computer learning system is formed.

At that time, the little overlord who was a learning machine went on the road of game. Little overlord was once in the ascendant, occupying most of the domestic game market.

However, the glory of the little overlord also comes from the mountain village. In 1983, Nintendos first red-and-white computer, Family Computer (FC), was born, which triggered the Big Bang of American games. A large number of game enthusiasts began to chase and indulge in this kind of cassette-based video games. At the peak of FC, sales of red and white machines were higher than the total revenue of all American television stations.

Photo Source: Nintendo Life Website

But in that era, the intellectual property rights of games were still weak, and the little overlord became one of the many Nintendo FC Shanzhai legions in China. However, the small overlord is popular all over the country, crushing Nintendo in one fell swoop in China and becoming an absolute player in the game market. You shoot one, I shoot one, the bully out of the learning machine, the brainwashing Divine Song Clap Hand Song is well known. Jackie Chans advertisements for Little Tyrants are still catchy today.

Photo Source: CCTV Financial Weekly Video Screenshot

After the peak, the bully has no future.

After years of silence, on April 4, 2018, the company issued a Copyright Statement on its official website, saying that the brand of Little Overlord operated by the company covers many fields, such as game consoles, related products and electronic education products. Based on the development concept of keeping pace with the times, Bawang is determined to formally return to the game market and vigorously develop game consoles and game platforms that pay more attention to playersexperience.

In a statement, the company said it attached great importance to copyright protection and corporate image and planned to stop and revoke licenses to third-party manufacturers to ensure that it avoided selling games equipped with unauthorized games in the future.

According to the statement, unauthorized mini-overlord consoles such as red-and-white consoles may no longer exist.

Where have all the bullies been for so many years?

So, in the middle of these years of silence, what did the bullies do?

The history of the Little Overlords development should begin in 1989. Now, Duan Yongping, chairman of Bugao Group and a well-known investor, came to Zhongshan to work that year and took over a small factory under Yihua Group in Zhongshan City. At that time, the small factory lost 2 million yuan a year. Standing in Nintendos wave of game consoles, Duan Yongping resolutely took the factory to the video game market. Three years later, the output value of this small factory reached 100 million yuan in 1992 and 1 billion yuan in 1995. Duan Yongping, the Emperor of Part-time Workers, created the legend of the little overlord and turned away.

Photo Source: CCTV Financial Weekly Video Screenshot

In 1995, Duan Yongpings departure brought about personnel turbulence, which hit the bully hard. Subsequently, the small overlord in the product market strategy has also changed, began to pursue diversified business, began to do VCD, repeater, etc., which to a certain extent also decentralized the investment in game consoles and brand building.

Entering the 21st century, the bully ushered in a turning point of his own destiny. In June 2000, the General Office of the State Council issued Opinions on the Special Management of Places for Operating Video Games, which put forward that in order to prevent teenagers from indulging in games, all production, sale and operation activities of game consoles should be stopped. In 2004, the internal structure of Xiaobawang also changed greatly. Yihua Group divided Xiaobawang into four companies one after another, and successively established Zhongshan Xiaobawang Education Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Xiaobawang Digital Audio Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xiaobawang Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., and Zhongshan Xiaobawang Sanitary Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Thereafter, the glorious era of the Little Overlord Game Machine came to an end.

The ban on domestic game consoles was lifted in 2015, but the bully will never come back. With the popularity of Windows computers, the era abandons the bully even without saying hello.

Current Situation of Domestic Game Hosts: Only 0.5% Contribution

Since a ban in 2000, domestic game consoles have fallen asleep for up to 15 years. The ban was relaxed in 2014; it was only in 2015 that the ban was completely lifted.

But at this time, Chinas game market has changed, the mainstream user group belongs to end-to-end and hand-to-hand games. Market has changed, users have changed, domestic game consoles, really no chance?

China Joy (China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition) in 2015 is a relatively busy year for domestic game consoles. Even though PlayStation and Xbox are popular booths, domestic game makers are still brave enough to launch their own products.

At that time, the small overlord was one of Tmalls partners. The game console was displayed at the counter of Tmall and Alipay, which was the main body of the family sense game machine with the concept of parent-child. In addition to the small overlord, the domestic game consoles that participated in CJ included OBOX of snail number, FunBox (lunch box) of ZTE Jiucheng, T-side game console of TCL, Big Chief of Xiaoshao Technology, etc.

A domestic game host entrepreneur told Daily Economic News (Nbdnews) earlier that he was relatively optimistic about the hardware level in the circle at that time. He also chose the road of hosting entrepreneurship. But soon, because the hardware could not sell and the follow-up funds could not keep up, he abandoned the game host entrepreneurship. In 2015, he also showed reporters his latest game console with great enthusiasm. At that time, he was also worried that the game quality on the game console was not high, and there was no developer to develop games for the platform.

It is an indisputable fact that the host market is shrinking in China. According to the statistics of GPC, the number of game users in 2018 reached 626 million. In the composition of game revenue, the proportion of hand-surfing, end-surfing and page-surfing is 62.5%, 28.9% and 5.9%, respectively. Host game only contributes 0.5%. By contrast, the market share of mainframe in Europe and the United States ranges from 30% to 40%.

Its not funny, maybe Ive grown up, a user who had bought a little overlord game machine told the Daily Economic News (nbdnews) reporter. Although he could play the classic games he liked when he was a kid, his mood is not as good as before, and he cant play one game anymore. Another player said frankly that he didnt have time to play the time-consuming host game.

An analyst said that the time has changed, the host market has long been liberalized, but without products, users certainly do not like it, content is still the key, for the small overlord, feelings are now useless, domestic game consoles have been abandoned by the market.

But another industry insider disagreed with him. He believed that domestic game consoles could not be completely abandoned by the market, and could follow Microsofts example of throwing money to pave the way, but such a road is not affordable for ordinary companies.

There is no first party and exclusive game, the user base is small, the game content can not keep up with, is the major pain points of domestic game consoles. A senior industry person said that hardware is not difficult to do, but Chinas market is different from overseas. After many years of stagnation, the mainframe market is very small. Everyone is playing hand games. The core mainframe users are also divided up by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft giants.

In an interview with Nbdnews, Erie Consulting and Research Manager Li Yiyang said that the mainframe game market in China is still not a mature market. For any subsequent challenger, it is very difficult to break the situation in the presence of international console game giants. Whether it is the game camp, user consumption habits or even channels, there are greater barriers to entry in all aspects.

But the host manufacturer has not been abandoned. In 2018, Tencent bought a 5% stake in Ubisoft, France, and Netease invested $100 million strategically in Bungie, which developed Halo and Fate. In January, Netease acquired a stake in Quantic Dream, a French company that has developed exclusive PS games like Super Twin and Detroit. On April 26 this year, Tencent confirmed that it will act as an agent for Nintendo Switchs state-owned mainframe and game business.

But when will a genuinely high-quality, Chinese-made game console come out again?

Source: Daily Economic News Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056