Illegal sale of eggs, high educational background, high price, high doctor: life-threatening

 Illegal sale of eggs, high educational background, high price, high doctor: life-threatening

The intermediary showed the reporter her chat record with the egg donor.


Initiate information before helping to contact customers

Recently, the reporter searched online and found that many companies claimed to recruit women, collect eggs in the name of love donation, and will pay a certain nutritional fee.

A Wuhan surrogate business company posted online that customers would pay high compensation for eggs collected. Staff Mr. Jiang said that the price of eggs depends on the qualifications and conditions of the egg donor. The average price ranges from 20,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan. According to Mr. Jiang, customers will pay the money to the middle party first, and then transfer it to the egg donor. The middle party charges a certain fee. After all, we have to bear the risk.

Another companys staff member, Hu Yun (a pseudonym), appeared very cautious and refused to disclose the hospitals that promoted ovulation and fetched eggs. She said: Reporters are very troublesome to expose, so we usually ask for first information, and then we will help contact customers. After the communication, Hu Yun said that he could meet and communicate with reporters and take them to visit the hospital where the egg removal operation was performed. On the afternoon of May 11, the reporter arrived at a cafe in Haidian District, Beijing, according to the agreement. In the cafe, Hu Yun arranged an interview between two clients and an egg donor.

Talk about price

The higher the degree, the higher the price.

After selection, the client selected a student who was studying in a university in Beijing. This girl has donated once before, this is the second time, because the educational background, height and appearance are more appropriate, the current price is 100,000 yuan.

According to Hu Yun, in the egg trading market, the most important thing for customers is the education background of the egg donor, followed by height and appearance. Many customers with high education will require the egg donor to be a student or graduate of key universities, and the price will be high. Some of them have no academic qualifications or have a general appearance, so the price may be about 10,000 yuan. Hu Yun said that educational background can be found on Xuexin. Others, such as height, will help egg donors to meet the requirements. The egg donors need to provide personal information. When taking photos, dont wear glasses, wear an inner pad. In a word, we will help you to meet the needs of customers.


Egg Collection in Informal Private Hospitals

Subsequently, Hu Yuntao reporters came to a private hospital and said that the hospital was a hospital specializing in the treatment of infertility. On the way not far from the hospital, there were several surrogate pregnancy, egg donation advertisements on the ground, while many of the small advertisements that had been cleared still left traces on the ground.

In the hospital, Hu Yun said that if a client chooses a good donor, the donor will have a physical examination, a stimulation needle and an ovum removal operation in the hospital.

For the process of egg extraction, Mr. Jiang said that the company would arrange the ovulation stimulation needle according to the physiological period of the donor, and the ovulation stimulation needle would be given for about 10 days. At the same time, the company would do the examination, including B-ultrasound, blood extraction, etc. at the same time, and then decide the final date of ovum extraction according to the maturity of the donor follicle. In this process, if there is inflammation in the body, anti-inflammation is also needed. After the final date is set, the donor will be operated on to get the eggs.

But at the same time, Mr. Jiang said, It is impossible to take eggs in a regular hospital. After all, this is a grey area, which is done in our own laboratory. Mr. Jiang also said that the operations were performed by doctors in regular hospitals, which would ensure sterility in the environment, but he also said that laboratories could not be visited at will.

And there is another hospital in Beijing that cooperates with Hu Yuns surrogate pregnancy company. According to the needs of customers and the physical conditions of egg donors, there are still other needs to go to Wuhan for surgery. Hu Yun also revealed that the company has a relationship with the director of the hospital.

On May 12, the reporter contacted the hospital by telephone. An assistant surnamed Chen said that the hospital did not cooperate with the intermediary. The eggs of test-tube babies came from donations. The policy did not allow the sale of eggs and the donor tubes were mutually blind. As for other problems, doctors should be consulted.


Irregular ovulation induction is life-threatening

During interviews with journalists, many middlemen claimed that taking eggs would not cause harm to womens bodies. But is that really the case?

According to a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics in a third-tier hospital in Wuhan, unlike normal test-tube oviposition, many small companies engaged in egg trading business may use large amounts of ovulation-stimulating drugs for their donors in order to recover more eggs and maximize their benefits. The corresponding risks will be much greater, leading to bleeding, infection or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

According to the gynecologist, because the hormone is too high, women are prone to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after taking eggs, which can lead to hydrothorax and ascites. The patient shows difficulty in breathing and abdominal distension. Severe cases can lead to thrombotic diseases and even life-threatening, while some very thin, very short, very young or polycystic ovary syndrome women are more likely to develop the disease.

Industry voice

The surrogate industry chain has strong concealment and needs to plug the regulatory loopholes from the source.

As for the legal issues involved in the sale of eggs, lawyer Changsha of Beijing Kyoto Law Firm introduced to reporters that on February 20, 2001, the former Ministry of Health promulgated the Regulations on the Management of Human Assisted Reproductive Technology, and on May 14, 2001, the Regulations on Human Assisted Reproductive Technology were promulgated, and the Technical Regulations were revised by the former Ministry of Health in 2003. According to the Technical Specification, egg donation is a humanitarian act, which prohibits any organization or individual from collecting donors in any form for commercial egg donation. The above two regulations are specially formulated for human assisted reproductive technology, and their effectiveness is at the departmental level. Although the effectiveness rank of departmental regulations is lower than that of narrow-sense laws and administrative regulations, they still have universal legal binding force, and their implementation is guaranteed by the compulsory force of the state.

Changsha said that in a series of illegal activities, such as illegal egg collection and donation, intermediaries still disseminate advertisements, organize and assist others to carry out illegal surrogacy and eggs collection, which cause serious injury or death. This behavior has become an accomplice of the crime of illegal medical practice and should be convicted and punished by the crime of illegal medical practice. Those who provide intermediary services and counseling for illegal ovum collection and donation have common criminal intentions with those who carry out illegal ovum collection and donation operations, and commit criminal acts, so the accomplice of the crime of illegal medical practice should be identified.

According to Changsha, at present, departments led by the Health Planning Commission attach great importance to the illegal use of human assisted reproductive technology, such as surrogacy and egg selling. The relevant state departments have issued documents, and at the same time, they have intensified their efforts to crack down on such illegal and criminal acts. Illegal collection and supply of eggs is an extremely important part of surrogate pregnancy. At present, surrogate agencies divide the whole industrial chain into intermediary companies, egg collection, laboratories and surrogate mothers, and are responsible by different personnel in different links. It has the characteristics of cross-region, strong concealment and tight organization. However, the health sector lacks all kinds of investigative measures and authority, and it is difficult to obtain relevant evidence solely by the health sector. This requires the active cooperation of various departments to plug the regulatory loopholes from the source, and to ensure that the public has access to safe, standardized and effective assisted reproductive technology.

Source of this article: Beijing Youth Daily responsible editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056