Deep in the Winning Hospitality Storm, Japans wealthy businessmen made a strong start.

 Deep in the Winning Hospitality Storm, Japans wealthy businessmen made a strong start.

Qingshan Guangshis publishing campaign for victory

Netease Entertainment reported on May 13 that a suspected sexual entertainment was reported in Taiwans media. Japans 4 billion-dollar businessman, Aoyama, was accused of involvement. It was even blasted that Korean girls were intermediated into prostitution in Japan. Meanwhile, the other party was the husband of Japanese actress Yarisha Watching the Moon. Rumors raged for two months, and he finally broke the silence to respond!

According to Japanese media reports, Qingshan Guangsi and Yueyao Arisa held a wedding in Bali, invited Victory to attend, and also invested a large amount of money in each others Ramen shops. They were one of the big gold owners of the other side, but they never expected to be involved in the entertainment storm. He responded by e-mail through the company, Hes a very attractive person, and the time spent with him is the best entertainment. Its impossible to do that. As a hospitalized person, he and prostitutes (?) Who do I want to spend time with? Whether its a man or a woman, hes a very attractive person. There are still many people who know him and who are waiting for him. I hope he can regain his smiles as soon as possible and show them again. He will be my proud brother and my forever friend in the future. This will not change.

In addition, Castle Peak Light Division recently issued two long articles in IG, with photos of its success and exposure of its name in various media. It announced that it would discuss with legal advisers and put forward a reputation damage complaint. It would also contact local lawyers in South Korea.

Japanese media still hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the denial of the Great Action of Aoyama Kwangshi. Writers familiar with Korean entertainment circles disclose that in the future, Aoyama Kwangshi may be detained as soon as he arrives at the airport if he is asked to be investigated by the Korean side and then flies to Korea for this purpose. In addition, the relationship between Japan and South Korea can not add new disputes. If he wants to continue his business in South Korea, he must face difficult choices.

Qingshan Guangsi is 46 years old. He was born in a big family. He was dropped out of high school and only had junior high school education. He inherited the family business and became the owner of the construction company, with annual turnover of 15 billion yen (about 4.2 billion yuan), and his private life is very luxurious. He is known as Prince Ferrari. His ex-wife, Shangyuan, was an artist. At that time, she was divorced and went to court. In 2015, she remarried and watched the moon Arisa, often sunning love in IG.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144