Juves New Jersey debut is short of expectations, with Ronaldo lagging behind and boasting four golden boots

 Juves New Jersey debut is short of expectations, with Ronaldo lagging behind and boasting four golden boots

Juves Home Shirt next season uses a semi-black and semi-white color design instead of the classic black and white arrow shirt. There is a pink line in the middle of the shirt to separate the black and white. While maintaining the classic color matching, the new shirt also pays tribute to the lovely pink away shirt which has been praised by many fans.

However, such a trendy style is not accepted by all fans, many Juventus Tini bluntly said that the New Jersey is ugly and uniquely. In addition, the gown also collides with Fulhams Jersey in the Premier League. The two gowns are distinguishable only by the pink stripes on the Juves gown, except for the different positions of the badge and the black and white ones.

Whether the new shirt looks good or not, the key is that it has not brought good luck to the Bianconeri. Although Juventus, who have won two consecutive rounds, have no pressure to do their best in the match, they still want to win the new jersey. However, in the first half, Dibalas shot was blocked by the goalkeeper and then rejected by the goalkeeper. In the second half, Ronaldos shot was invalid because of offside. Juventus, who were unable to score, eventually lost to Dzekos passing and shooting. I wonder if the Bianconeri will be embarrassed when the New Jersey is officially launched next season.

In addition, the loss of the game also affected Ronaldos fight for the Serie A Golden Boots. In this round, Quagliarella, who leads the Serie A scorer list, has scored 26 goals in the league, while Ronaldo has only 22 in the League at present. With the last two rounds remaining in the league, it seems difficult for Ronaldo, who has four goals to catch up with Quagliarella. If he doesnt score against Atlanta and Sampdoria in the next game, the president will have to watch the Serie A golden boots go into Quagliarellas pocket.

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