Li Xiaopeng: Im disappointed with the final result, but thats the charm of football.

 Li Xiaopeng: Im disappointed with the final result, but thats the charm of football.

To Lunengs dismay, not only was the goal eventually offside, but on the 7th minute of the games stoppage time, the director of the field passed it to Lunengs restricted area. Hao Junmin had a handball action while defending Elkson. The referee, Marchi, gave a penalty after watching the video replay. Perhaps not satisfied with the process of the game, Wang Dalei looked very unhappy, directly took off his gloves and stood in front of the goal to throw the ball. In the end, Hurkes penalty deceived Wang Dalei and scored the ball, which also became the decisive goal of the game, and went to Hong Kong to reverse Luneng.

After the game, although Luneng players showed dissatisfaction with the process of the game, coach Li Xiaopeng still smiled and shook hands with Pereira. After the game, Li Xiaopeng thought: The whole game, the two teams played in different styles, different skills and tactics, and did their best to dedicate a wonderful game. In the end, I was disappointed and didnt seize the opportunity.

For the performance of Gedders, Li Xiaopeng said: The performance is very good, especially for the team to help very much. Defense also helps the team, so that in the future there will be more choices.

For this ups and downs of the game process, have you ever met before, Li Xiaopeng frankly said: The score in the game is exactly the charm of the game, not only in the face of victory, but also in the face of failure, which is the charm of football. Both teams played well, especially after the Asian Championship. Especially in Hong Kong, they did not rotate as much as we did. Its OK. Both teams did their best.