DPP officials let the Taiwanese army eat olive oil to enhance combat effectiveness

 DPP officials let the Taiwanese army eat olive oil to enhance combat effectiveness

Overseas Network May 11 electric soybean oil or olive oil? This is a problem. Recently, the food problem of the Taiwanese army has aroused heated discussion in the island.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic News, on May 9, Zhao Tianlin, a Democratic Progressive Party legislator, said in the Legislative Yuan that most soldiers in the Taiwanese army ate soybean salad oil that was not suitable for high-temperature cooking. He suggested that the Ministry of National Defense should replace olive oil with healthier olive oil for cooking. He also said that officers and soldiers should take good care of their health before fighting. In this regard, the islands netizens for olive oil can be fried, as well as the change to olive oil after the cost of food dispute!

According to Zhao Tianlin, since 2008, the Taiwanese Army has purchased edible oil and olive oil from deputy supply stations. However, the use of soybean salad oil has increased year by year, reaching 350,000 litres a year at one time, but no olive oil has been used since 2014. He also disclosed that a military room had been inspected for three days without oil change, resulting in the high acid value of fried fish steak can not be imported and all destroyed. He said that for the sake of the health of officers and soldiers, the Ministry of National Defense was required to inspect all troopscooking oil once, so that the quality of the cooking oil of Taiwanese officers and soldiers was as good as that of the outside, and even the best olive oil should be used.

In response, some netizens said, For good health, but the cost of food has not increased! But the defense budget doesnt have that much money? Can the meal expenses be reimbursed on a real basis? By the way, every camp should be equipped with a dietitian. We should eat Abalone Porridge with lobster for breakfast every day, so as to have physical training... Wheres the money coming from? Do you think its a big budget? Its not taxpayer money.

In addition to the cost of meals, there is also debate about whether olive oil can be fried. Some netizens thought that they could not fry, Olive oil is not suitable for high-temperature cooking! Olive oil is not suitable for frying, Olive oil can only be decocted at low temperature?

Olive oil is not suitable for frying. Isnt that common sense in night markets? Does he want to recommend a manufacturer?

Olive oil is not suitable for frying. Are these people having problems with their heads?

The other side proves that it can be fried, but olive oil is expensive. High temperature resistant, but not cheap, Pressed olive oil is not suitable for high temperature frying! Olive oil specially for frying can only be refined to remove impurities.

In addition, some netizens left a message saying, Is olive oil and soybean salad oil really so important, the focus is not training? This is reminiscent of a recent news, according to media reports, there are Taiwanese officers and soldiers during the recent physical examination, thermal injury, so Army Commander Chen Baoyu ordered the Army to stop physical examination for a week, causing heated public debate. Some officers satirize I dont know what my head is thinking on social networking sites anonymously. Many netizens also call Taiwanese Army is a soft strawberry.

Source: Taiwan Media

Yu Muming, chairman of the New Party, said in a recent poll that about 20 percent of young people on the island would like to go to war, but when told that they might have to sacrifice their lives, the proportion dropped to less than 10 percent in an instant. Taiwans army, inadequate training has become a reality, national identity chaos is a major problem! Should the Taiwanese Army fight for Taiwan independence?

Yu Muming said bluntly, Taiwans future must not be war. The two sides must develop peacefully. The Chinese do not fight against the Chinese. The Chinese help the Chinese. That is the goal we should strive for!

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