Shenzhen Immigration School for Suspected College Entrance Examination: 8,000 students in Grade One of Senior High School tuition fee 28,000 per period

 Shenzhen Immigration School for Suspected College Entrance Examination: 8,000 students in Grade One of Senior High School tuition fee 28,000 per period

Fuyuan School is located in Jiuwei Fuyuan Education City, Xixiang, Baoan District, Shenzhen. It is surrounded by noisy industrial parks. One of the industrial parks is named Fuyuan.

However, after entering Fuyuan Educational City from the roadway that the truck rumbled through, the scenery was quite different: the flat open road, the lush trees. If you neglect the buses and cars passing by from time to time, you will feel quite quiet.

Fuyuan School Photographed by First Financial Journalist

Recently, the first financial journalist visited the school on the spot. At noon, the campus was quiet, and occasionally several students came to the playground to play basketball. Its just that the security guards on campus, in twos and threes, come and go from time to time and keep a vigilant eye on strangers. A senior high school student told reporters that the class is quiet these days, normal classes, class breaks are rarely discussed about the immigration of college entrance examination.

Fuyuan School is a fifteen-year consistent private school. According to its official website, the school is the first-class school in Guangdong Province, the top ten private schools in Guangdong Province and the UNESCO model school for sustainable development projects. The campus covers an area of 380,000 square meters, with a construction area of 280,000 square meters, which is the largest in primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen. There are nearly 8,000 students.

According to the official website of Fuyuan School in Shenzhen, Miao Shouliang is the head of the school, and he is also the chairman of Fuyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

According to Qixinbaos data, Miao Shouliang is also the legal representative and major shareholder of Fuyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. In addition, nine of Miao Shouliangs affiliated enterprises still exist, including a new third board listed company.

Fuyuan School does have students from Hengshui No. 1 Middle School, but they meet the requirements of the College Entrance Examination in Shenzhen.

Earlier, reports from the official media said that Shenzhens relevant departments have recently confirmed that more than 10 students from Fuyuan School entered the second model top 100 students from Hebei Hengshui No. 1 middle school (Note: high school). At present, Shenzhen has set up a special working group to conduct an investigation, and the Guangdong Provincial Education Department issued a circular on the 5th, requesting all localities to set up a special action Working Group on college entrance examination immigrants to investigate the conditions of transferring students from other provinces.

The Shenzhen Education Bureau also responded that according to the policy of Guangdong Provinces college entrance examination registration, the Shenzhen Entrance Examination Department has conducted a strict examination of all the candidatesqualifications. The students of Fuyuan School (including those registered in Shenzhen and other cities in Guangdong Province) have provided the certificates of the Public Security Department of the place where the residence registration is located and the school registration management department of Shenzhen City for the examination of their residence registration and school registration. The procedures are complete and the information is complete, which meets the registration requirements for participating in the College Entrance Examination in Shenzhen.

Knowingly, an anonymous user who claimed to be a former Fuyuan graduate said that Fuyuan School has formally cooperated with Hengshui Middle School since the 17th session. There are two main ways: first, send outstanding students to Hengshui Middle School for six months to three years, and then return to Guangdong to take the college entrance examination. The second is to spend a lot of money to get high-quality students from Hengshui Middle School (for Senior One to Senior Three Hengshui students), help them migrate to Guangdong, participate in the College Entrance Examination in Guangdong, and be enrolled in Guangdong.

Parents speculate that there is a need to attract students to increase the enrollment rate.

In an interview with reporters, a parent of a senior one student said that the recent immigration to the college entrance examination was boiling. He also heard that although he was not clear about the specific mode of operation, he speculated that the school was going to give Hengshui students scholarships to attract students to come.

He believes that the most direct benefit of increasing the enrollment rate of Huabei University in Qing Dynasty is that it can attract more students.

The parents said: There are more than 10 high school classes, about 40 students in one class. Entrance scores are not high, but the tuition fees are expensive. A semester is more than 20,000 yuan, and international high school classes are more expensive.

According to an enrollment advertisement in the spring of 2019, there are about 30 students in kindergartens, 40 in primary schools, 42 in middle and high schools, and 30 in international departments. The tuition fee increases upwards according to grade and class, with a maximum annual fee of nearly 150,000 yuan.

Specifically, kindergarten tuition fees are between 10,000 yuan and 25,000 yuan per semester. The average class in primary school is 21,000 yuan per semester, and the international experimental class is 35,000 yuan to 45,000 yuan per semester. The average class in the middle of the junior high school is 22 500 yuan per semester, while the Cambridge International Junior High School is 12 9000 yuan per academic year. High school fees are even higher, including 28,000 yuan per semester for the first year of high school, and 149,000 yuan per school year for Cambridge International High School and American International High School.

Education is one of the two wings of a rich industry

Qixinbaos information also shows that Miao Shouliang is the legal representative and major shareholder of Fuyuan Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, with a 90% share-holding ratio. Founded in June 1993, the division was formerly the Fuyuan Industrial Company in Baoan District, founded in 1988. At present, it has become a large private enterprise with industry and commerce as the main body and real estate and education as the wings. It has more than 20,000 employees and 700,000 square meters of its own property.

From 2014 to 2017, although the divisions operating income maintained a slow growth, its net profit declined year by year, even in 2016 and 2017, its net profit was negative. In terms of risk, the Division has eight risks, most of which are court announcements, court announcements and adjudicative documents.

Kaixinbao also shows that there are 12 affiliated enterprises of Miao Shouliang, three of which have been cancelled or suspended. Among the nine existing affiliated enterprises, Guangdong Fuyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (834315) is listed on the New Third Board, and Miao Shouliang holds the post of director.

According to public data, Miao Shouliang was born in December 1955 and is from Wuhua County, Meizhou, Guangdong Province. Before going to Shenzhen at the age of 32, Miao Shouliang had been involved in five industries, including manufacturing, trade, clocks and watches fittings repair, restaurants and wholesale sugar, tobacco and alcohol.

When he was 32 years old, in 1987, Miao Shouliang came to Shenzhen and borrowed 20,000 yuan to buy a bankrupt quarry. Five years later, he began to dabble in real estate. Nowadays, Miao Shouliangs industry has spanned more than a dozen industries, such as industry, commerce, real estate, property, energy, high-tech, Hotel and catering. In 2016, Miao Shouliang ranked 81st with 23 billion dollars in wealth on Huruns 100 Rich List.

The intersection of Miao Shouliang and the education industry began in its infallible years. In 1995, Miao Shouliang began to enter the education industry and established Fuyuan School. Fuyuan School has invested in the establishment of Fuyuan Educational City, Fuyuan Civil and Martial Arts School and FEC London City College.

Miao Shouliang once said, If you have wealth, you cant forget to repay the society. This is the main motive for investment in education.

Source of this article: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331, Responsible Editor of the First Finance and Economics Network