The No. 1 principal criminal of Panyu Great Robbery was approved to commit a suspended death sentence. Five principal criminals have been sentenced to death.

 The No. 1 principal criminal of Panyu Great Robbery was approved to commit a suspended death sentence. Five principal criminals have been sentenced to death.

Recently, a criminal ruling issued by Guangdong Provincial Higher Peoples Court was published by China Judicial Documents Network. In October 2018, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court made a first instance judgment. Chen Mingmin was sentenced to death for robbery, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property. After the sentence was pronounced, there was no appeal or protest within the statutory period.

Later, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court submitted to the Guangdong Provincial Higher Peoples Court for review according to law. The latter constituted a collegial panel according to law. After examining the case files, the defendant Chen Mingmin was asked to approve the above criminal judgment.

As one of the top ten criminal cases in China in 1995, Panyu robbery is also known as the largest armed robbery of money carriers since the founding of New China. The case was identified as a total of seven principal criminals. Except for Chen Huimin and Chen Ennian, the other five principal criminals fell into the net less than a month after the incident, and were all sentenced to death. In addition, many others were involved in the case and sentenced, two of them were sentenced to life.

Chen Mingmin and Chen Ennian fled and disappeared until 21 years after the incident. Guangzhou police revealed that Chen Ennian surrendered in Yunnan on December 25, 2016, and Chen Mingmin was captured in Ruili, Yunnan on January 5, 2017.

Seven principal criminals are all pictures of Pengchao journalist Chen Xuhou Tu (except his signature)

Recalling: Five of the seven principal offenders were arrested shortly after the incident and sentenced to death.

At 7:00 on December 22, 1995, when a banknote van of the Agricultural Bank of China arrived near the Qiaoyifa Mall in Panyu City, Guangzhou, five robbers suddenly appeared, nine gunshots were heard, two escorts were killed and one wounded, and the van was subsequently robbed. At that time, the money van was equipped with RMB 13.2 million yuan and HK$21 million.

After the incident, five of the seven main criminals were arrested one after another, but Chen Huimin and another chief criminal Chen Ennian were not brought to justice.

According to Peng Mei News report in January 2017, the relevant staff of Panyu Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau said that Chen Mingmin was a college student, smart and cautious, and was the No. 1 person in Panyu robbery. At that time, although Chen Mingmin was the number one suspect, he and Chen Ennian, the number two suspect, were not present at the scene of the case. Instead, they directed the other five suspects to make this terrible case by means of remote control.

In the Panyu robbery, about 15 million yuan was robbed and about 13 million yuan was recovered by the police.

The article Panyu Case of Banknote Robbery and Transport with Firearms (one of the ten criminal cases in 1995) (hereinafter referred to as Panyu Case of Banknote Transport), published in the magazine of China Criminal Police in March 1996, discloses in detail the facts of the case and more details of detection.

According to Panyu Banknote Transport Case, there are seven principal criminals in the case, namely Chen Mingmin, Chen Ennian, Yuan Changrong, Wu Zhaoquan, He Yongxin, He Weiguang and He Donghai. In addition to Chen Mingmin and Chen Ennians long-term abscondion, the remaining five principal criminals and 10 other persons involved in the case were arrested by the police shortly after the incident.

The article also revealed that of the seven principal offenders, 2 were college students with higher education and 4 were military veterans. They know a whole set of anti-reconnaissance tactics, and have seven pistols, more than 200 rounds of bullets, more than 20 homemade grenades.

According to public reports, in February 1996, He Weiguang, He Yongxin, Yuan Changrong, Wu Zhaoquan and He Donghai (the other five principal criminals) were sentenced to death at the First Trial of Guangzhou Intermediate Court, and their accomplices Wen Shiqi and Wen Yukun were sentenced to life imprisonment. On March 8, 1996, the Guangdong Provincial High Court issued a final verdict to uphold the original verdict and approved the verdicts of He Weiguang, He Yongxin, Yuan Changrong, Wu Zhaoquan and He Donghai on the death penalty.

Escape: No. 1 character renamed Yi Rong in Yunnan marry a wife and have a daughter

When planning and commanding the Panyu robbery behind the scenes, Chen Mingmin, 26, was an employee of Qingyuan Highway Bureau. He was in charge of a subordinate company of the Municipal Highway Bureau and undertook some road construction projects.

The first 26 years of Chens life can be described with pride.

He is a talented student majoring in bridges at Guangzhou University. His father was the office director of Qingyuan Highway Bureau. After graduation, with the title of Master Min and Master Shi, he formed a small circle in the name of fellow townsmen and classmates to walk around the gray area.

Huang Linxiu, deputy head of the criminal police detachment of Qingyuan Public Security Bureau, was one of the policemen handling the Panyu robbery at that time. She told Peng Mei News that five of the seven principal offenders in the case were from Qinglian Town, Qingyuan County, including Chen Mingmin, Chen Ennian, He Weiguang, Yuan Changrong and He Donghai. He Weiguang was Chen Mingmins junior high school classmate and Chen Ennian was Chen Mingmins senior high school classmate.

As early as his schooldays, Chen Mingmin committed murder. According to Huang Linxius previous introduction, in October 1991, Chen Mingmin and He Weiguang, who were studying in the university, jointly killed a jeep driver in Qingyuan Yangshan County. Four of them abandoned their car after committing a crime and ran away.

At 3 p.m. on January 5, 2017, Chen Mingmin, who had absconded for 21 years, was captured by the police in Ruili, Yunnan Province.

Chen Mingmin was escorted back to Guangzhou

Guangzhou police revealed that after the Panyu robbery, Chen Mingmin had been on the run, wandering and picking up waste in Fujian, Shaanxi, Hainan and Vietnam, and came to Ruili, Yunnan, in July 1997, before settling down for roots.

Peng Mei News reported earlier that in Ruili, Yunnan, Chen Mingmin fell in love with Yang Fang, a woman from Baoshan, Yunnan, who had three daughters. In Ruili Solidarity Building Material Market, he and his wife (not licensed) Yang Fang, his wife and brother Yang Peng (pseudonym) run a decoration facade, mainly doing tile, furniture business.

Yang Peng did not know about Chen Mingmins past. He said that his brother-in-law called himself Moyizhi, born in 1972 from Dashan, Guangxi, where his parents died.

Police said that in order to avoid investigation, even with a new identity, Chen Mingmin was extremely cautious. All of his bank accounts, cell phone numbers and other relevant identity information in Ruili were processed by using the identity certificates of his girlfriend and relatives of his girlfriend. In order to avoid revealing his identity, Chen Mingmin intentionally made his business not big enough to make enough money to spend.

When caught by the police, Chen Mingmins appearance and youth changed greatly. Police map

Chen Mingmin, who was arrested, changed a lot in appearance more than 20 years ago. His fall into the net is suspected to be related to another fugitive, Chen Ennian.

During Ruilis stay, Chen Mingmin, alias Mo Yizhi, had an old cousin. Several media reports said that this mysterious old cousin is another fugitive Chen Ennian, the last time to find Chen Mingmin was November 2016.

On December 25, 2016, under strong pressure, Chen Ennian surrendered to the police in Yunnan. A source close to the police told Peng Mei News that Chen Ennian surrendered himself at Ruili Milky Way Police Station.

For the reasons for surrender, Huang Linxiu revealed that Chen Ennian suffered from severe tuberculosis, poor health, fled for 21 years has not been married again, especially want to see family members, especially children.

Sentenced: twice involved in robbery and approved a suspended death sentence

On November 30, 2017, the last two suspects of Panyu robbery, Chen Minmin and Chen Ennian, were tried in Panyu Shawan, Guangzhou. The case was heard at the first instance of the Guangzhou Intermediate Court. The Guangzhou Peoples Procuratorate charged two people with robbery.

The criminal ruling made by the Guangdong Provincial High Court shows that after re-examination, two robbery cases were identified as criminal facts.

The first is the fact of Yangshan robbery in 1991: On the evening of October 29, 1991, the co-perpetrator He Weiguang (who has been executed by the death penalty) was robbed to lure the victim into driving a Beijing-brand jeep in Qigong Town, Yangshan County, Qingyuan City, to pick up the defendant Chen Huimin and the co-perpetrator Chen Ennian (sentenced) and Mao Yuanqin (who had been executed by death penalty). During the journey, the four men with a hammer, drill and cone prepared by He Weiguang struck and stabbed a certain head and chest, causing their immediate death. Hou Wei-guang and others abandoned their cars and fled. At noon the next day, the public security organs found Chengmou 1s body and the car on a slope of Qingshan Highway in Yangshan County.

The second is the facts of the robbery in Panyu in 1995. In October 1995, the defendant Chen Mingmin and his co-defendants Chen Ennian, He Weiguang, He Donghai, Yuan Changrong, He Yongxin and Wu Zhaoquan (the last five persons have been executed) conspired to rob the money-released vehicle of a credit cooperative of Panyu Agricultural Bank of Guangdong Province and fled by water. Yuan Changrong was in charge of contacting the ship, while another person was responsible for the robbery. They were responsible for buying explosives, detonators, sacks and so on. Five people armed at the North Suburb Savings Depot of Panyu Agricultural Bank, then joined Chen Mingmin and Chen Ennian at the dock. At about 7:25 a.m. on December 22, He Weiguang, He Donghai, Yuan Changrong, He Yongxin, Wu Zhaoquan, carrying He Yongxin and Liu Guang (sentenced to death in another case), stole five May 4th pistols, explosives and sacks from the Qingyuan Construction Bank at the back door of the Northern Suburb Savings Office of the Agricultural Bank of Panyu, hijacked the A * x * cash release vehicle from Guangdong Province, and sent escorts to the police Guo of the cash release vehicle. Xu Mou1, a driver, was shot dead and slightly injured.

Subsequently, He Weiguang drove the release vehicle to Wuzhou Ferry Pier, Lunjiao Town, Shunde City, Guangdong Province. He joined Chen Huimin and Chen Ennian who were waiting to take over. He carried most of the money from the money carrier onto the ship Yangji 397 driven by Wen Shiqi and Wen Yukun (all sentenced) and fled along the river. Chen Mingmin left the dock by driving the release vehicle as planned, and then abandoned the vehicle at Erheng Road, Nepheline Industrial Management Zone, Lunyan Town, in order to create the illusion of escaping from land. After joining up with other accomplices, Chen Huimin gave some of the stolen money to Zeng Moubin (who had been sentenced) and absconded with Chen Ennian under the pseudonym of some of the stolen money.

According to the ruling, Chen Xuemin and others seized a total of 13216021.94 yuan in cash, 210 3921 yuan in Hong Kong, 10 riot guns, 2 May 4th pistols and various bank bills and seals. After the incident, the public security organs returned the stolen money of RMB 12184118.7, HK $2069855.3, bank bills, official seals and other items, and seized seven May 4th pistols, three riot-proof guns and detonators, fuses, pistols, bullets, detonators, ammunition clips and other items.

The Guangdong Provincial High Court held that the defendant Chen Mingmin gang robbed another persons car by violent means, resulting in one persons death; another gang robbed a bank cash-release vehicle with guns and explosives, resulting in a particularly large amount of robbery, resulting in one persons death and one persons minor injury, and his act constituted a crime of robbery and should be punished according to law. Chen Mingmin participates in premeditation and commits crimes according to division of labor. He plays a major role in joint crimes and is the principal offender. He should be punished according to all the crimes he participates in. Chen Xuemins crime is extremely serious. He should be sentenced to death for his crime. In view of the fact that he can confess the crime truthfully after his return to the case, Guo Mou, who did not directly participate in the death of the victim, and his slight responsibility in the murder of the victim Cheng Mou, he can still be sentenced to death with a two-year suspension of execution.

The Guangdong Provincial High Court said that the original verdict confirmed that Chen Mingmin committed a crime with clear facts, solid and sufficient evidence, correct application of law, accurate conviction, appropriate sentencing, lawful trial procedure and approval of the verdict according to law.

The above criminal ruling also shows that Chen Ennian, another principal criminal in Panyu robbery who surrendered to the police 21 years after absconding, has been sentenced. Pengmei News retrieved public information such as news reports and judgment documents, but did not inquire about Chen Ennians specific sentence.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331