The family resigned to make counterfeit coins and printed them for half a year, but lost more than 30,000 yuan.

 The family resigned to make counterfeit coins and printed them for half a year, but lost more than 30,000 yuan.

A three-person online shopping course took half a year to make 20,000 counterfeit coins.

A family of three with decent jobs,

But I want to earn some smart money.

So a family of three learned counterfeiting techniques and purchased tools.

Make counterfeit currency with face value of 20 yuan.

At home, hard printing half a year counterfeit money, and self-produced, self-marketing.

It sounds hard and sad.

Families quit their jobs

On-line Learning Counterfeiting Technology

Last summer, Zhang Mou, 50, was a cook.

My son, Xiao Zhang, works in the field.

Although the income is not high, but life is easy.

But then he found a way to get rich quickly.

Making counterfeit money

With a Dream of Getting Rich Quickly

Zhang Mou took his family to the road of crime.

On May 8, Liu Zhiheng, Civil Police of Rencheng Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Brigade

This is a farce about a family of three self-produced and self-sold counterfeit coins.

Before counterfeiting,

They used to buy counterfeit coins online andconsumethem out.

Family see, will be small counterfeit money

Consumption is not difficult to go out, but the cost is high.

In order to save cost,

Families quit their jobs and learn technology online.

Purchase of six-color printers, securities paper, seals and other tools.

In the home painstakingly forgery, will make the counterfeit money old,

Used to buy household goods.

But you think,

Was it earned to live with counterfeit money 0?

Absolutely wrong!

They seem to live a low-cost life, but the cost is not low.

The police also cited a specific example, which is very impressive.

Suppose they continue to work.

The average person has an income of 3000 yuan a month and over 50000 yuan a half year.

But they made less than 20,000 yuan of counterfeit money.

Calculated, they also lost more than 30,000 yuan in half a year.

On the morning of the 8th, Liu Zhiheng, the Economic Investigation Brigade of the incumbent City Public Security Bureau

Holding counterfeit money in one hand and securities paper in the other, he said:

These are the counterfeit coins found in the suspects family.

All numbers are the same.

This family of three is printed through a printer.

Repeated processing, so that the fish eye miscellaneous beads deceived pass.

In order to increase the authenticity of counterfeit money,

The three members of the family have also purchased lotus stamps and used water.

Liu Zhiheng introduced that the seal of lotus pattern can be divided into official seal and master seal according to the front and back. After applying special pigments, it can be carded on the newly printed counterfeit currency. Through the sunshine, you can see the logo of the suspected anti-counterfeiting watermarking.

In order to make counterfeit coins feel more chronological, they will also use them as old water to soak counterfeit coins.

Making fake coins with falsity and authenticity in silence,

Consumption for purchasing small-value goods only


Seemingly seamless, but keenly perceived by the police.

On 13 January, police officers handled the case according to the clues provided by the masses.

The suspect was caught while taking delivery.

At present, Zhang Mou and his son Zhang Mou

The procuratorate has approved the manufacture of counterfeit currency.

His wife has also been held in administrative detention for using counterfeit currency.

JournalistsLive Experience

Appearance can be almost untrue

To test the fidelity of counterfeit coins,

At noon on May 8, the reporter seized Rencheng Public Security Bureau.

A 20-yuan counterfeit coin

We arrived at a shop near Rencheng Avenue.

Boss, where is the nearest bus stop on our side?

On the 8th, the reporter appeared in the shop as a passer-by.

And bought 17 yuan of goods.

The shopkeeper told reporters where the bus stop was.

While looking for a reporter 3 yuan change.

After buying the goods,

The reporter stood at the entrance of the store for five minutes, but the shopkeeper still didnt find out.

When journalists and policemen reappeared in stores,

The boss was surprised when he told him that he had received counterfeit money.

Now they all pay on the internet. I didnt think it was a counterfeit coin.

The shopkeeper said it was not difficult to identify the counterfeit coin if you looked at it carefully.

I used to be a cashier.

But because I have just been diverted from the topic, I have not paid attention to it.

In terms of appearance, there is little difference between counterfeit currency and real RMB.

But if you look closely, you will find that

Its different from real coins in feel and voice.

Wen Fang Chao of Rencheng Public Security Bureau said.

Source: Author of Qilu Evening News: Zhu Rongjun, responsible editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980