Five children in a kindergarten in Henan Province were detained for sharpening disposable chopsticks

 Five children in a kindergarten in Henan Province were detained for sharpening disposable chopsticks

Early on May 11, the Suixian Public Security Bureau of Shangqiu City, Henan Province, issued a message that on May 10, the public security organ received an alarm from Chen that his son was needled by a preschool teacher at Longting Waterfront in Suixian County. After receiving the alarm, the public security organs attach great importance to the work of investigation, visits and evidence collection.

On the afternoon of November 11, the Suixian Public Security Bureau again notified that the public security organs, together with relevant departments, further identified that a female worker of Longting Waterfront Kindergarten, who was born on October 20, 2003, had adopted disposable chopsticks to sharpen and prick children for reasons of disobedience to management and disruption. Make children afraid of it, easy to manage. Another preschool teacher Liu Mou-mou, Han Mou-mou, Zhang Mou-jia, Kang Mou-mou, Luo Mou-mou and other five people know that a certain A manages children by this means, and will still submit children who do not obey the management to a certain A management.

On the afternoon of May 11, five kindergarten teachers were detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law for alleged abuse of guardians and caregivers. A child who failed to reach the age of criminal responsibility was subjected to administrative punishment. The head of the kindergarten and the daily managers Zhang Mouyi and Dingmou are under control.

At present, the case is still under further investigation and trial. The public security organs said that they would investigate all the illegal and criminal acts suspected of infringing on minors and firmly crack down on them according to law. Hope that the majority of netizens do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, rational treatment of online information.

Source: Beijing Headline Author: Guo Linlins Responsible Editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980