How many chances are left for Bai Baihe from the box office queen to no film?

 How many chances are left for Bai Baihe from the box office queen to no film?

From box office queen to no film to go to director / producer label, Bai Baihe only took two years.

In 2011, 33 Days of Broken Love won 350 million yuan at the box office as a black horse, becoming the box office champion of New Years greeting, and also made Bai Baihe, who came from the Department of Central Academy of Drama, famous overnight by Huang Xiaoxian.

Since then, Baibai Baihe has become like a hang-up, almost all of the films have been successful, while her commercial value has also been recognized, her unique performance style, making her a chick movie leader. Personal box office total 9.471 billion yuan, so far ranked the first domestic actress, in the national actor ranked after Wu Jing, Shen Teng, Huang Bo, Deng Chao, Wang Baoqiang.

But the highlights come and go quickly. A divorce farce not only made Bai Baihe lose popularity, but also affected his works and endorsements.

Now Bai Baihe has chosen to start all over again. According to the original plan, Bai Baihe achieved the goal of 10 billion box office in the Spring Festival filing this year, but the withdrawal of Love Saint 2 and the alteration of Mage is a city made it difficult for her to return to the film.

On May 10, Bai Baihe appeared in the forum of the IQI World Congress, announcing that she joined Li Zongsheng as the leading actress in the musical, and launched the Super Music IP Image Manufacturing Program, which extends to four Internet Super Films and one cinema-line movie. She herself has also increased her role as a director and supervisor from an actor.

But how many opportunities remain for Baibaihe in the market?

Baibaihe Transboundary Transition Director+Supervisor, Promotion of Two-day Comments Breaking through 999+

Long before the big screen disappeared, Bai Baihe reappeared, not for a new movie platform, but to announce her new cross-border identity, director/producer/actor.

Her transformation began a few days ago. On May 8, Bai Baihes personal micro-blog released a Musical Opera Promotion Song of Li Zongshengs Works, I am a Little Bird and accompanied by the text Crossing Mountains and Crossing the Sea Will Eventually Meet Ideals and Sing out the Heart ofLi Zongsheng.

Within two days of the songs launch, NetEases music reviews have broken through 999 + items. Most netizens choose to support Baibaihes songs. Perhaps Baibaihes difficulty in returning to the publics vision, or Baibaihes firm in conquering the public with strength.

On May 7, Bai Baihe will play the leading actress of Li Zongshengs musical. It is reported that the play will premiere in November. ?

On May 10, Bai Baihe appeared at the forum of the World Congress of Aiqi Art to express his thoughts and thanks for Li Zongshengs music. Brother Li Zongsheng is known as the godfather of music in Chinese music circle. His works have influenced many people. Some people say that I wish you cant understand Li Zongsheng all your life. They say that hes lucky that he cant understand his songs and that what he understands is his experience. Everyone has a song in his heart, Li Zongsheng. In fact, I happened to experience the age from feeling good to hear and understand, and the identity from listener to participant. When I had the opportunity to do cross-border extension with my eldest brothers music works, I was very excited, very excited, very happy. Of course, I also know the challenges that lie ahead.

Along with Li Zongshengs musical, Bai Baihe will also launch the Super Music IP Image Manufacturing Project and become the initiator of the project. We will combine Li Zongshengs musical works to extend into four super online movies and one big cinema-line movie. We will collect four works from you through short video contest and other forms. Bai Baihe emotionally said, I hope that the Super Music IP Image Manufacturing Plan can race with you to reach the ideal end point through the hills.

Mage is a City is one step away from the box office of the box office queen

Before this appearance at the IQI World Congress, a notice delayed the release of Bai Baihes film Mage is a City. This is not the first time that he met. Baibaihe missed the Spring Festival in 2019 because of the breakdown of Love Saint 2.

On May 7, Bai Baihes film Mage is a City issued a notice of filing change, saying that the original film, which would be released nationwide on May 17, was postponed due to the need to modify some of its contents.

Every reporter noticed that since the Spring Festival in 2018, Bai Baihe has only three works in film, namely Eight Women One Play, Love Saint 2 and Mage is a City. Earlier, film director Li Shaohong, together with heroine Bai Baihe, also appeared on the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival.

Photo Source: Provided by the organizers of the 9th North Film Festival

Now, it seems that among the three works, Eight Women, One Play has not yet been finalized, and the release of Love Saint 2, which was once expected to be infinitely high, is far away, and when Mage is a City will be released, there is no definite information at present.

As the highest-grossing actress in Chinese, Bai Baihe is the queen of box office. According to the cats eye list, as of May 10, Bai Baihe acted as an actress in 19 films with a cumulative box office of 9.471 billion yuan, the highest box office performance of actresses in the Chinese film market, only a step away from the box office performance of 10 billion yuan. Nowadays, with the films archiving, the realization of the White Billion box office may be delayed.

By contrast, Bai Baihe once had a smooth career. In 2006, he entered the performing arts circle for starring in the first TV drama Days Related to Youth. And the audience knows Bai Baihe well, it is from the black horse movie 33 Days of Lost Love in 2011, this small-cost black horse movie not only let the articles of that year or young screen students enter the film circle successfully, but also let the then unknown Bai Baihe become famous overnight.

In 2013, Break-up Contract, Stolen Five Years and Private Customization were released one after another. With good box office results, Baibaihe began to show its market appeal.

In 2015, Bai Baihes four films were released. Among them, The Story of Capturing Demons became famous in the summer archives, with a box office record of 2.4 billion and a record in the history of Xinhua movies. And Gone with the Eggs! Tumor Jun also made the audience cry, reaping more than 500 million box office. From 2011 to 2016, Bai Baihe made 12 films in less than five years, with a total box office of more than 4.5 billion.

Baibaihes business index on brand endorsement has also risen sharply after it became famous. Endorsement of Natural Hall, Tidals Nian Series Ceramic Watch Spokesperson, Yashili Spokesperson, GAP Spokesperson, Yida Advertisement, Chanel New China Watch Image Ambassador, etc.

Invest in five companies behind the scenes

In addition to box office success, like most stars, Bai Baihe also opened his own studio and invested in some enterprises while making films and TV dramas and advertising endorsements.

According to Qixinbao, Baibaihe (alias: Baixue) has five affiliated companies, two of which are 100% owned by Shanghai Baibaihe Film and Television Culture Studio and Nanjing Dehe Film and Television Culture Studio, while the remaining three companies are Beijing Dada Network Technology Co., Ltd. 11%, Beijing 8.19% for Mutual Entertainment Culture Science and Technology, Tiantian Television Competition (Beijing) Network Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Co., Ltd. holds 2.27%.

Every reporter noticed that Baibaihe Mutual Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., which holds 8.19% of the shares, was established in 2016 as an Internet Pan-Entertainment Company with IP as its core. At present, it has completed two rounds of financing. Besides Baibaihe, Zhang Ziyi is also one of its shareholders, holding 7.15% of the companys shares.

From the above enterprises, it is not difficult to see that as a star shareholder, Baibaihes investment income comes mostly from the commercial value brought by its reputation.

In addition to singer status, Chen Yufans ex-husband also involves cultural performances, artist brokerage, catering, logistics and other fields in investment. In 2006, Beijing Van Ren Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Van Ren Culture) was formally established, and signed the thin band which had great influence in rock and roll circles at that time. In 2010, Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan jointly established Beijing Master Culture Development Co., Ltd. and recruited Huang Jianxiang, Li Xiang, host Li Chen and other stars. According to incomplete statistics, since 2002, Chen Yufan has set up and invested in 13 companies.

But in the entertainment circle, no one can escape the situation of more people are popular, more right and wrong. Baibaihe, as a box office panacea, has been disputed negatively since its popularity. The emergence of the derailment gate incident has pushed it to the top of the wind.

After that, Chen Yufan and Bai Baihe admitted that they had agreed to divorce as early as 2015. But for celebrities, once the scandal gets involved, their business index will lose half. This incident inevitably has an impact on Baihes cause. The most distressing part is that Chanels angelic identity, which has just been endorsed for a month, is about to collapse.

Now, more than two years later, Baibaihe, which appears frequently in the publics eyes again, has not only brought new works, but also more directors and supervisors. Whether the box office queen can let the audience pay for it again remains to be tested by the market.