The F-35A plane crashed into the sea and it was full moon. The Japanese had less intelligence than that.

 The F-35A plane crashed into the sea and it was full moon. The Japanese had less intelligence than that.

(Observer News) According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan on May 10, Japan Aviation Self-Defense Force (Aviation Self-Defense Force) Sanzawa base (Aomori Prefecture Sanzawa City) stealth fighter F-35A training crash in the Pacific Ocean has been 9 months. The flight recorder found on the sea floor was severely damaged, so it could be seen that the impact was great. Without access to key flight records, most of the fuselage and pilots considered all confidential remain unaccounted for.

Japans Defense Facier Iwata told the Senate Foreign Defense Committee on the 9th day about the F-35A crash that the United States dispatched the deep-sea search ship Van Gogh to the Pacific Ocean off Aomori Prefecture to take part in the end of the search. He also disclosed that the Japanese Ocean Research and Development Agencys wide-area submarine research vessel Jieming ended its search on the 8th.

Deep Sea Search Vessel Van Gogh

The search for the crash fighter will continue. It is reported that two civilian salvage boats signed by the Aviation Self-Defense Force to replace Van Gogh and others have begun their sea search activities, and another one is planned to join in.

Flight recorder is based on accident, so it has high strength. Senior officials of Japans Ministry of Defense speculated from the discovery of the device that it was rushing into the sea with considerable momentum.

The F-35A took off from the Sanze base at about 7 p.m. on April 9 for training with three other aircraft. The pilots third-class air assistant (equivalent to Major Air Force) saw that Zhangli (41 years old) stopped training by radio around 7:26 p.m., and about a minute later the fighter disappeared from radar and crashed in the Pacific Ocean, about 135 kilometers east of the base.

Earlier, the Aviation Self-Defense Force confirmed the crash.

According to Japans Ministry of Defense, the last radio communication is as usual. The Aviation Self-Defense Force believes that it may be the sudden failure of the airframe, the poor health of the pilots or the space orientation obstacle that can not grasp the airframes height and posture.

The U.S. military rarely sent early warning aircraft and warships to join the search the next day after the crash. On April 29, Van Gogh, a deep-sea search vessel with a U.S. Navy salvage team, joined in the Seabed Search. In fact, part of the flight recorder was salvaged, but the memory part with the flight recorder was not included.

The F-35A is the most sophisticated aircraft with excellent stealth performance that can hardly be captured by enemy radar. Detailed internal structure has not even been disclosed to deployed countries. Senior Self-Defense Force officials said: The U.S. military so cooperated with the search of Self-Defense Force aircraft is hoping to recover the airframe as soon as possible in any case. I feel this persistence.

Japans first F-35A assembled in China for the crashed 79-8705 aircraft

Searching within the Ministry of Defence has also become the top secret. It is said that if there is a conventional accident, the relevant intelligence departments will be served one by one in a state of no intelligence at all, the provincial senior officials revealed: The intention of the Prime Ministers residence played a great role. There may also be the intention of the U.S. government.

The pilots of the other three planes did not witness the crash, and the body found was only part of the tail wing, which helped to identify the lack of materials for the cause of the accident. Near the scene, the sea area is about 1,500 meters deep, and senior officials disclosed: If the flight records and the information of the pilots have not been available, then it may only be concluded that the cause has not been ascertained. Intelligence is so low.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Li Xi_NN2587