CCTV has begun to produce A13 chips for this years three new iPhones

 CCTV has begun to produce A13 chips for this years three new iPhones

Netease Technologies News May 11, according to foreign media reports, people familiar with the matter said that TSMC has begun to produce A13 chips for the next generation of Apples iPhone handset, which will be launched later this year.

The person familiar with the matter said that in April this year, TSMC launched an early trial production of A13 chips and plans to start mass production as early as this month.

When new iPhones are released each year, Apple usually upgrades its device chips significantly, increasing speed and battery life. Analysts and technology websites often rank Apple chips as the best performing products.

Competitors such as Samsung and Huawei have also adopted Apples approach and are now using their own chips in mobile phones.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment. A spokesman for TSMC also declined to comment.

The American company is expanding its internal design strategy: the iPhone is one of several Apple devices that use custom chips. The company also designs similar components for Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods and HomePod. Apple also manufactures dedicated chips for Mac computers and is developing a Mac main processor chip that will eventually replace the processor chips offered by Intel, the report said.

Traditional processor chips are not always the best solution for new tasks such as image and speech recognition. In recent years, Apple has added new components to its chips, including functional components for graphics processing and machine learning. The company also plans to develop other new chips, including modem chips for telephone calls and Internet connections, and power chips based on a recent agreement with Dialog Semiconductor Plc.

According to people familiar with the matter, the latest A3 chip will appear in the follow-up models of the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XSMax. They say the new high-end models are coded D43 and D44, while the internal upgrade of the iPhone XR is coded N104.

All three new phones will look similar to the latest iPhone, but the upgraded version of the XS and XSMax will add a third rear camera. The upgraded device of the iPhone XR will have a second camera installed on the back.

The third camera on the high-end iPhone will be equipped with ultra-wide-angle lenses to take larger and finer pictures. And its zoom ability will be stronger. Apple is also developing an automatic correction feature that will allow people who might have been accidentally cut back to their photos. The second camera used in the upgraded device of the iPhone XR will also enhance zoom capability.

According to one person familiar with the matter, the successor models of the iPhone XS and the XSMax will be about half a millimeter thicker than the XS, while the rear camera array will be located in a square area in the upper left corner of the back of the phone.

Apple also plans to introduce a new feature that will allow users to talk about the latest AirPods and other devices being charged on the back of the new iPhone. This is similar to what Samsung provides on its latest devices, according to people familiar with the matter. (Chen Chen)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541