Yuanmingyuan launched a large-scale restoration project with 100,000 pieces of porcelain fragments

 Yuanmingyuan launched a large-scale restoration project with 100,000 pieces of porcelain fragments

New progress has been made in the archaeology of Yuanmingyuan. With the continuous progress of excavation, a large number of precious cultural relics buried in the ground for 100 years have been unearthed, including porcelain, glaze, stone carvings and so on. Among them, only the fragments of porcelain are as high as 100,000 pieces.

Recently, Yuanmingyuan has launched the Restoration 1860 project, which will continue to repair large-scale excavated cultural relics. The first batch of restored 6 pieces of fine porcelain, respectively, are blue glazed snuff bottle, blue and white Babao Wanfu Ruyi ceramic tile, Kangxi blue and white dragon pattern bowl, Kangxi red glaze bowl and a blue and white twisted lotus pattern ceramic embroidery pier.

Chen Hui, Chief of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Section, Yuanmingyuan Administration Department: In the early stage, these six pieces were selected because they had clear land-leaving places. For example, the two blue and white tiles were unearthed in Siyongzhai. Then there is the embroidery pier, which is a feature of this repair. It is not a general household appliances, such as dishes and bowls. It is a kind of sitting device. This embroidery pier was unearthed in the open and magnanimous Yuanmingyuan, also known as the Golden Fish Pool. So we chose these six pieces. One is relatively complete in shape and exquisite in decoration. And the place where it came out is relatively clear.

The restoration of cultural relics should not only maintain the historical authenticity of cultural relics, but also embody its aesthetic value. Through sorting, cleaning, bonding, matching, leveling, coloring, painting decoration, glazing, effect, photo filing, forming work log and evaluation, the experts of cultural relics restoration can restore the broken cultural relics intact. Six finished cultural relics will be displayed in Yuanmingyuan, and will be scanned in 3D. They will be included in the online digital museum of Yuanmingyuan. Visitors will be able to watch them on the official Wechat Public Number of Yuanmingyuan in the future.

Chen Hui, Chief of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Department, Yuanmingyuan Administration Office: After the completion of the first phase of restoration, we still need to carry out the second and third phases of restoration, striving to restore all of these numerous pieces of porcelain unearthed by us one by one.

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