Revealing the True Hidden: Using Smokebox to Pass Information to Open Pharmacy as a Cover

 Revealing the True Hidden: Using Smokebox to Pass Information to Open Pharmacy as a Cover

In the TV drama Hidden on May 11, the client of Sino-Singapore Television Network, Yu Zecheng finally went to Taiwan to continue Hidden, and his experience has made many audiences sigh. In reality, there are also a number of outstanding underground workers of the Communist Party of China who have dedicated their youth and even their lives to the cause of revolution. The martyr Liu Guangdian is one of them.

Recently, Liu Yuping, the son of Liu Guangdian, told the story of his father when he was interviewed by CNN. At that time, Liu Guangdian put information into cigarette boxes and took it out of the blockade line. He also opened pharmacies to do business as a cover for underground intelligence work.

Liu Guangdian and Wang Sulians wedding photo. Liu Yuping for the Map

In 1922, Liu Guangdian was born in rural Lushun. Although his family was not well off, his parents still tried to provide him with education. Unfortunately, when Liu Guangdian died at the age of 15, he had to work and study, work as a coal mine accountant, do medicine business, and study at Harbin Railway Institute of Technology.

At the age of 20, he married Wang Sulian and returned to Shandong Province to make a living. Liu Guangdian knows Japanese, and in order to make a living, he got a job in the local pseudo-policemans office.

Liu Yuping said that if his father went to collect peoples wealth, he could make a fortune, but he came from a poor family of workers and peasants, received the most basic quality education of workers and peasants from childhood, and had conscience, so he often secretly protected the common people and anti-Japanese personnel.

After a year in his hometown, Liu Guangdian returned to Peiping, where Wang Sulians home was. Since then, Beiping has been the main place of work for him to do pharmaceutical business in Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Northeast China. After working, I went to Furen University of Peking to study economics and management.

Liu Yuping said that after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, it was about the end of 1946 that Liu Guangdian, who was doing business in Shanghai, realized the Hongguo Style of his fellow countryman, an old-qualified underground member of the Communist Party of China. At that time, he undertook the task of developing our concealed front team. He found out that Liu Guangdian had culture, quality, intelligence and honesty, so he propagated the CPCs ideas and revolutionary principles to him.

At this time, my father saw a light in the dark. With the help of the Partys education and comrades, he finally realized that a man cant fight for his own happiness, but should contribute his life to the national rejuvenation and peoples happiness. So he joined the Dalian Intelligence Office of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Liu Yuping recalls.

Previously, Liu Yuping attended a book-sharing meeting on Seeking the Red Footprints of Liu Guangdians Martyrs. Peoples Publishing House for Maps

After participating in the revolution, Liu Guangdian worked in Shanghai for more than a year. Liu Yuping later learned that his fathers main task at that time was to do business, contact information and act as a traffic officer. Until the beginning of 1948, Liu Guangdian was ordered to be transferred to Shenyang for intelligence work in the Liaoshen Campaign.

He rented a pharmacy on the second floor of Taiyuan No. 31. On the one hand, he did business. On the other hand, he used it as a cover to engage in underground intelligence work. He ran many times in enemy-occupied areas and liberated areas at that time, and successfully completed his task.

At the end of 1948, his father was transferred to Beiping to work as an intelligence officer in the Battle of Peking and Tianjin. Liu Yuping said that his father was very busy at that time: he found the comrades who were engaged in intelligence work in all parts of Peiping at that time, put the collected information together, put it in a cigarette box, and then took it across the enemys blockade line and sent it to the Northeast Dalian Intelligence Office.

Soon after, the battle of Pingjin ended successfully. Liu Yuping introduced that his father, Liu Guangdian, was also involved in helping some comrades to take back a large number of democratic personages from Hong Kong, such as Li Jishen and Shen Junru, and sent them to Peiping. When his father finished this task, he reunited with us and led a happy life in the quadrangle of Qian Liang Hutong.

In 1949, Liu Guangdian received a new task. He was dispatched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and secretly infiltrated into Taiwan to cooperate with the main leaders stationed in Taiwan on secret missions. Liu Yuping, who was still young at that time, did not realize that the moment his father left home had become a farewell.

In order to make a living in the future, I will go to a distant place to do business, from now on you will not receive my letter, you will not write to me again. This letter was written by Liu Guangdian to his family when he left the courtyard of Qian Liang Hutong and went to Taiwan.

Unfortunately, Liu Guangdian was arrested in Taiwan in 1954 and killed in 1959 at the age of 37.

Long time later, Liu Yuping learned that his father hid in Qishan for about four years before his arrest, dug the ground in the mountain for a cave, and persisted in struggle. His last place of residence with his comrade Wang Yaodong was to find a naturally formed cave at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. The size of the cave was 50 times 60 centimeters, and the height and depth of the cave were not more than one meter.

Searching for the Red Footprints of Liu Guangdians Martyrs. Peoples Publishing House for Maps

Later, Liu Guangdian was awarded the title of revolutionary martyr by the relevant departments. In the autumn of 2013, an unknown hero Memorial square was built in Xishan, Beijing, to commemorate the underground workers of the Communist Party of China who died in Taiwan in the 1950s. Liu Guangdians name was clearly inscribed on the granite wall of the square.

But for Liu Yuping, the mystery of his fathers whereabouts has been haunting him since his childhood. In order to solve the puzzlement, since 1988, he and his sister Liu Yufang, brother Liu Yusheng together, embarked on the road to explore the truth.

In May this year, on the basis of a large number of materials, interviews and investigation evidence, Liu Yuping published a book called Searching for the Red Footprints of the Father-Liu Guangdian Martyrs, which basically restores the history and sacrifice of his father, Liu Guangdian, in his revolutionary work and in his covert battle.

There is a monument at the Memorial Square of the Unknown Heroes in Xishan, Beijing. The inscription says, The nation is in danger. Dont go to the water and fire by relatives, but face the enemy and seek common ground. Perhaps this is a simple and appropriate description of Liu Guangdians.

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Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Liu Yuxin_NBJS7825