Security guards guarded the campus late at night after the assassination of Shangrao pupils by their classmatesparents

 Security guards guarded the campus late at night after the assassination of Shangrao pupils by their classmatesparents

The assassination of a 10-year-old boy in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, by his female classmates father in school has aroused widespread concern. Around this case, some netizens denounced violence, and some netizens questioned the reasons behind it.

In the fifth elementary school of Shangrao City, according to police reports, the suspect was initially identified as Wang Mojian, a 41-year-old local man, who committed the crime because of a dispute between his child and the victim student Liu Mochen.

More details about the reasons behind the incident have not yet been disclosed. Chat screenshots of suspected class Wechat groups circulated on the Internet, which showed that the suspect had said before the incident that his daughter had been bullied for a long time, and he had to wait for the victim students at the school gate; while the father and head teacher of the suspected victim students said in the Wechat group that they had just learned about it and would deal with it. However, a government worker involved in the investigation told Peng Mei News that whether the information is true remains to be investigated by the authorities.

According to the Red Star News, on the day of the incident, the relevant head teachers wanted to have an interview with parents of both parties about the disputes, but did not want the tragedy to happen.

Late in the night of May 10, after the tragedy, a number of security guards guarded the entrance to the campus. Behind them was a five-storey teaching building. A security guard said that the murder occurred on the second floor, but would not disclose to others.

After the murder, the security guards at the school gate were on duty late at night.

Shangrao No. 5 Primary School was originally located in the commercial district on the North Bank of Xinjiang River, surrounded by three pedestrian streets. According to the local media Xinzhou Information reported on August 15, 2018, the schools two main school buildings were built in the early 1980s, more than 30 years ago, there are security risks, agreed by the Xinzhou District Peoples Government, in September 2018, the original site demolition and reconstruction took one year.

In the late night of May 10, unlike the busy pedestrian street nearby, the original campus of Shangrao No. 5 Primary School was unusually quiet. The campus was covered with scaffolding and workers came and went. A nearby businessman told Peng Mei News that the school had moved to the Desheng School on the South Bank of Xinjiang River in the autumn semester of September 2018, the old local normal school, where all the students would spend nearly a years transitional period until September this year.

From the schools original campus to the south, across the Xinjiang Bridge to the transitional school buildings, only 700 meters away. According to the above reports, there are hospitals, other schools and Xinjiang Bridge near the transitional campus. Traffic is more congested. To avoid the rush hour, school work and rest time has been adjusted. Among them, students arrive at school at 8:30-8:50 in the morning, and then begin classes.

At about 2:20 p.m. on May 10, the Xinzhou Branch of Shangrao Public Security Bureau issued a circular saying that at about 9:16 a.m. that day, the Bureau received an alarm that knife wounds occurred in the transitional school site of Shangrao No. 5 Primary School. According to the schools schedule, it was time for students to attend classes. In an interview with Red Star News, a teacher in the school said that Wang Moujian rushed directly into the classroom, interrupted the teachers and classmates in class, then waved his knife at Liu Mouchen, and the whole class was shouting.

Wu, deputy director of Shangrao Education Bureau, confirmed to Pengmei News that the case occurred inside the campus. After Wang Moujian, the parent involved, stabbed someone with a knife, the school teacher immediately alerted the police. Wang Moujian did not escape and was quickly taken away by the police. Peng Mei News noticed that there is a security post in Shuinan Police Station opposite the gate of the transitional campus.

Around 4 p.m. on the 10th, the fifth primary school in Shangrao City was closed. Parents who came to pick up the children gathered in front of the school gate. According to a crowd on the scene, police, security guards, teachers and other people guarded the school gate, parents were asked to take turns to enter the school to pick up people. Several photos provided to the surging news show that parents are crowded with narrow passages in front of the school gate, and some teachers hold class signs to greet leaders.

Reasons for specific crimes need to be investigated

This case aroused heated discussion, some netizens can not understand the violence of suspect Wang Moujian, think that disputes between children have a more rational way to solve. In addition to disclosing that Wangs children had disputes with the victim students, the police have not disclosed more details.

On the afternoon of May 10, staff of Shangrao Education Bureau told Peng Mei News that a joint investigation team composed of the political and legal committees of the Xinzhou District Committee of Shangrao City and the public security departments was investigating the matter.

A number of screenshots circulated on the Internet show that before the incident, in a class named Five Small Classes, a group member nicknamed He Mou Dad said to Liu Mou-chens information, Are Liu Mou-chen happy to fight He Mou-mou? From the beginning to now, he scolds almost every day... As a parent, Mom He has communicated with you several times, and I also advised you, but you still dont listen to... There will be an unreasonable parent waiting for you at the school gate every day. Members of the group advised: Something to discuss, the small partners are still young and not very sensible, more communication with parents it.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the parents of the murdered student Liu Mochen were both doctors. Wang Dan, a colleague of Liu Mochens mother (pseudonym), confirmed that the above online photos were indeed chat records of the parents of Liu Mochens class, but whether he Mochens father was Wang Mojian was still uncertain. In response, a staff member from the Xinzhou District Government of Shangrao City, who participated in the investigation, said that whether the above-mentioned webcast screenshot is true or not remains to be investigated by the public security department, but it is certain that Wang Mojian, who is his father, in the police notification, did not have her fathers surname with her.

Another screenshot of the group chat with the same group name shows that the group member @He Mou Dad, nicknamed Dad Liu Mouchen in the group, said, Excuse me, this is the first time I have heard about it... Ive sent you a message. Lets talk.

Another chat screenshot shows that in a class group with the same name, members of the group, nicknamed head teacher Wang Mouhua, said, What happens to a child in school should be told to the teacher first, and then the teacher should understand the cause of the matter before dealing with it. I just read Weixin about it, and I didnt know that anybody had ever told the teacher about it. Finally, the group members @He Mou Dad.

The content of the above chat screenshot has not been confirmed by the school and the police. However, Peng Mei News inquired on Weixin Business Number of Shangrao No. 5 Primary School that in 2016, the head teacher of the corresponding class in the first grade of the school was named Wang Mouhua, and the last two words of the name were the same as the above group nicknames.

According to the Red Star News, a teacher at Shangrao No. 5 Primary School said that the cause of the accident was a dispute between Liu Mouchen and He Moumou, a third-grade student, but the head teacher had already begun to solve the problem. On the morning of the incident, both parents were invited to come to the school for an interview to solve the problem. Liu Mouchens parents did not come to the school.

On May 10, Pengmei News contacted the relevant leaders of Shangrao Education Bureau, Xinzhou District Educational and Sports Bureau and Shangrao No. 5 Primary School successively for interviews. No response was received.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Ji Guojie_NBJ11143