New Audi is the owner of an accident car: I cant cry on the hood, too.

 New Audi is the owner of an accident car: I cant cry on the hood, too.

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Qilu Jinan, May 10, news, Mingming bought a new car from Audi 4S shop, how did it become an accident car? Since January this year, Mr. Cheng Cheng, the owner of Jinan, has started the road of protecting human rights for nearly four months, which has not yet been achieved.

Apart from the formal prosecution, reasonable and legal ways have been tried in recent months, so I cant cry on the hood, can I? Mr. Cheng said.

In April 2018, Mr. Cheng bought a new Audi A3 in Jinans huge Audi 4S store. In January 2019, Mr. Cheng paid attention to the Audi Excellent Service applet. After logging in, something unexpected happened. Mr. Cheng found out that his new car had an accident before it was purchased.

Its clearly a new car that I bought. How did it become an accident car? Mr. Cheng went to the 4S shop where he bought a new car for comment, but to his surprise, the 4S shop admitted that the left front door of the car had been painted, but the accident was not explained, and the maintenance records of the manufacturer refused to provide. When Mr. Cheng asked for a refund compensation, 4S shop refused it categorically on the grounds that Mr. Cheng bought a new car in Jinans huge Audi 4S shop, which was sold to Jinan Zhongsheng Audi in July last year. The head of Zhongsheng Audi said that the car was not sold by them. They did not know the situation and could only send several maintenance or fittings.

Our country has a rule to refund one compensation three. This solution is unacceptable to me. Mr. Cheng said. But Zhongsheng Audi said they could not solve the problem and suggested prosecution.

Huge Audi cant find anybody because of the suspension of sales, and Zhongsheng Audi will not be dealt with. Unfortunately, Mr. Cheng dialed Audis customer service phone again, and the customer service staff answered that the complaint would only affect the business assessment in the store, but the solution still needs to be informed by the store.

Both Zhongsheng Audi and Audi Customer Service are shunned. Who will compensate for Mr. Chengs loss and who will bear the responsibility? In this regard, the reporter also consulted legal workers, lawyers said, The huge Audi 4S shop transferred this store to the Zhongsheng Group, from the legal point of view, the rights and obligations were transferred to the Zhongsheng Group. Then, Zhongsheng Group should take the corresponding responsibility. If the maintenance record submitted by Mr. Cheng is true, then the seller knows it is an accident car but does not inform Mr. Cheng when selling it, it constitutes a sales fraud. At present, our countrys legal provisions on sales fraud are mainly consumer rights and interests protection law, which is a provision of one refund, three compensation.

Mr. Cheng said that next step, he would continue to negotiate with 4S stores, hoping that this matter can be resolved satisfactorily. Peoples livelihood laboratory will continue to pay attention to this event.

Source: responsible editor of Qilu Net: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310