Chelsea fanssoul torture: What else can we do besides stand-up Higuain?

 Chelsea fanssoul torture: What else can we do besides stand-up Higuain?

Chelsea continued to arrange for the start of the game, but in the 96th minute of overtime, coach Suri made the last change, replacing Giluigi with Argentine centre-forward Higuain. However, Higuain did not show his physical superiority after playing. Instead, he lost the right to play in the 106th minute.

Iguain lost the ball for no reason

Pedros right-hand pass found Higuain in the penalty area, but Higuains stoppage was terrible. He was stolen by Frankfurt player Garcinovic, and then Nagasaki cleared the ball. This is almost the only picture of Higuain after the game. After the game, the whoscrored website only gave the lowest score of 5.9 points to Higuain. As a substitute player, he usually gets more than 6 points. This shows that Higuain can only bring negative effects to the team after playing.

Higuain came on as a substitute and scored the lowest point of the game.

What makes the fans angry is that Higuain doesnt seem to feel bad about himself. He doesnt run much on the court, but often asks his teammates for the ball. In one attack, Buckley chose to shoot directly from a long distance instead of passing it to Higuain in the penalty area, and the Argentinian immediately expressed his disapproval. Chelsea fans have seen him do it too many times this season.

Buckley chose to shoot from a distance, and Higuain expressed his dissatisfaction.

In the final penalty shoot-out, substitute Higuain did not participate. Chelsea fans said in social media after the match, Josnio calmly scored a penalty, but why did Higuain not participate in the penalty shoot-out? Higuain was so frightened that he didnt dare to take a penalty. What did Higuain do? Can he really play football?

Indeed, Higuain has always been called the soft-footed shrimp of the tournament, and when he played for Milan against Juventus in November last year, Higuain missed a penalty and got a red card because of his unbalanced mentality. Then he fell into a low ebb and was eventually abandoned by Milan to Chelsea during the winter transfer period. But this time Higuain did not participate in the penalty shoot-out, perhaps because he knew his mentality was still not good.

Higuain scored five goals in 12 starts in the Premier League after joining Chelsea in the winter, but the main centre-forward of Chelsea in the Europa League was Kyrgyzstan. Although Chelsea suffered a transfer ban, lawyers said it would not affect the right to buy Higuain, and coach Suri spoke openly in the hope of retaining Higuain, If he can stay, we can do better next season. But George has scored 10 goals in the Europa League, which is the top scorer. Once George continues scoring in the Europa League final to help Chelsea win, I am afraid Higuains position in the Blues will decline further and it will be difficult for him to stay.

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