Butlers climax in the second quarter was too fierce. 19 points in half-time was a tough man.

 Butlers climax in the second quarter was too fierce. 19 points in half-time was a tough man.

Butler is the most stable player of 76 players in this series. Except for 10 points in the first game, he can get 25.8 points, 9 rebounds and 6.3 assists in the next four games. He saves the team from danger when Shuangdi loses to Shuangdi.

Todays game is the same. Simmons did well in the first half, but Embed scored only three points. Butler was the teams prop. In the first quarter, he scored 8 points in 4 of 8 shots, and each time he hit the inside of the Raptors, giving them a lot of defensive pressure. It was also his excellent performance that made it difficult for the Raptors to turn over.

Butler was replaced at the beginning of the second quarter after an assistant was given to Embed. When he came back, the score had been reduced to 7 points, while Butler punished his opponents with mid-shots and layups, and gave Simmons a free-kick dunk, which restrained the attack.

The last two minutes of the first half became Butlers acting time. First, he volunteered to take advantage of himself, completed the difficult three-point play, then completed the throwing, and further opened the score gap. He interrupted the ball from Leonard in the last 3 seconds, ran directly under the basket with the ball, and put the ball into the basket in the last 0.4 seconds. Butler scored seven points to build a 15-point advantage for 76 players, and he also scored 19 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists.

Butlers toughness withstood the first half, and the second half of the rebound of Enbede, Butler lightened the burden, he did not attack himself, but left the opportunity to teammates, he used the free throw to get six points, but also sent out four assists. In the last 3 minutes and 33 seconds of the final quarter, Butler was substituted for the rest of the game and the team won the game smoothly.