Exposure of three major domestic powers competing for Zhu Tings authoritative personages: the key is Lang Pings suggestion

 Exposure of three major domestic powers competing for Zhu Tings authoritative personages: the key is Lang Pings suggestion

After three years of studying abroad, Zhu Ting has transformed from Chinese Zhu to International Zhu. As for her performance in the past three years, Zhu Ting self-evaluates: In the beginning of the first year, she made great efforts to adapt to the world. The next year we overcome difficulties and reaped a lot. In the third year, I have broadened my horizon and learned to enjoy the charm of professional league. In just a few years, Zhu Ting has transformed from a new star to a superstar, and also got the highest salary in the world volleyball. To be blunt, Zhu Ting has achieved a perfect career in the Turkish Super League. When joining Wakifu Bank, Zhu Ting had the halo of the World Cup, Olympic double gold and double MVP. In Tuchao 3 years, Zhu Tings technology and ability have been improving continuously. From the past heavy attack and weak pass, to now, there is no loophole in technology. Zhu Ting has grown into an ace player with both offensive and defensive skills and strong psychological quality. In addition, with coaches and teammates from different countries, not only their own level of rapid progress, but also let Zhu Ting learn from foreign professional athletes super self-discipline spirit. More importantly, in the past three years, she has won eight championships with Wakifu Bank in various competitions. She has won MVP six times, capturing the hearts of Tuchao fans, making Zhu Ting an international Zhu, and capturing the hearts of fans all over the world.

Now, the overseas experience has come to an end. If this season returns to the Chinese Volleyball Super League, which team Zhu Ting plays in is the most concerned issue for fans. However, for Zhu Ting and Lang Ping, the most pressing issue at present is not to select the team to join, but the next world womens volleyball league, World Cup and other international wars are waiting for her. At present, the Chinese womens volleyball team has finished the first stage of training in Zhangzhou, and transferred to Beilun, Ningbo. The teams international competitions are about to begin. Including the Swiss Womens Volleyball Elite Competition in 2019, the World Womens Volleyball League match in Brazil, etc. Since Zhu Ting has just finished Tuchaos campaign, according to Lang Pings plan, she should rest for a period of time before reporting to the national team.

Zhu Ting is the key to how far the Chinese womens volleyball team can go in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Three yearsstay abroad has brought her not only a process of growth, strength improvement, but also a tempering mentality and a leap of her own. Zhu Tings growth means that the overall strength of the Chinese womens volleyball team will be improved, and the goal of defending the title of the Chinese womens volleyball team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be easier to achieve. Zhu Ting chose to return this season in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Joining the domestic league team is obviously more conducive to the technical integration and coordination of the skilled. At present, the hot teams in the league, such as Beijing Womens Volleyball Team, Tianjin Womens Volleyball Team and Shanghai Womens Volleyball Team, are all striving for Zhu Tings membership. According to the analysis of WorldOf Volley, an international authoritative volleyball website, it is very likely that Zhu Ting will return to her mother team, Henan Womens Volleyball Team. In fact, the final choice depends on where is more suitable for Zhu Tings play, and the national team-mates run-in. The authority, who did not want to be named, said, Of course, the key lies in the suggestion of national team coach Lang Ping.

Dahe News Dahe Client Journalist Wang Xiaojuan

Source: Dahe Daily Responsible Editor: Cao Liemen_NS1806