Madonna stands up for MJ accused of sexual assault: white without conviction

 Madonna stands up for MJ accused of sexual assault: white without conviction

Michael Jackson

Netease Entertainment reported on May 9 that Madonna, a veteran singer, publicly supported Michael Jackson, accused of sexual assault, insisting that as long as a person is not convicted, he is innocent.

In January, the HBO documentary Escape from Neverland interviewed Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who described in detail their childhood experiences of sexual harassment and abuse by Jackson.

Since its premiere, celebrities such as Macaulay Culkin, Louis Vuitton, Barbara Streisand, Corey Feldman and Diana Ross have defended Jacksons voice.

Now Madonna, who was Jacksons Oscar partner at the 1991 Academy Awards, has come forward to defend Jackson. In an interview, Madonna, who will release her 14th album, Mrs. X, in June, said: I have no habit of lynching, so in my opinion, people are innocent until proven guilty. Ive been charged countless times, but these are false. So when people tell me about other people, my attitude is,Can you prove it?

Asked if Escape from Neverland was any evidence of Jacksons guilt, Madonna answered, I dont know. I havent seen this movie. But I think that some people may mix in lies when telling the truth. So I always say,What do people want from it? Does anybody want money? Are there any elements of blackmail? I will consider all these possibilities.

The Jackson family condemned all the charges made by the two heroes in Escape from Neverland and compared the film to public lynching. Jackson was acquitted in a criminal trial involving another young man in 2005. Robson testified that he slept many times in Jacksons bedroom, but Jackson never harassed him, and Sevchak made similar statements to investigators.

Jackson died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles in 2009. Both Robson and Sevchak filed suits in 2013, claiming that stress and trauma forced them to face the facts and acknowledge that they had been sexually abused. ?

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hanchong_NBJ11345